Real life event last Thursday.   It started with an early morning call with a client in Europe.   She had an emergency need for ideas and Market Research Data Today. 


Completed inventing session with another client at 1:00 pm. 

During the drive to the Airport organized experts and testing resources.

2- 4:pm:  Wrote Six Concepts with ideas and advice from Experts

4pm: Designed questionnaire using advanced Innovation Engineering Rapid Test System

4:15pm: Uploaded concepts for Testing

4:30pm: Test in the field and headed to gate to get on plane back to Cincinnati

7:30pm: Plane landed. Test is complete. Opened computer in car (someone else was driving) and reviewed test results from 400 base equivalent test.   Outstanding scores.  Started draft of report

8:15pm: Home.  Hugged wife and enjoyed a Cocktail with her – mine was an Embassy made with our Old Dexter Whiskey 🙂

9:15pm: Finished final report

9:45pm: Emailed final report to client in Europe to review when she wakes up

6:00 am email from client – “WOW this is so helpful.”   Client does meeting to present findings

All good

This my friends in what we mean when we say increased innovation speed and decreased risk


If you have an innovation, marketing, product concept and or testing emergency give us a call.  24/7 we can get it resolved.


IMPORTANTLY – this is not a random event – YOU CAN AQUIRE the SKILLS AND TOOLS to work at this speed all the time.