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3 Simple Principles for thinking About innovation Training

Over the past decade, the we have been experimenting, failing, and pouring over the academic research to find the most reliable methods for transforming an organization’s culture to one that embraces and practices innovation.

What we’ve learned is that the transformation can be achieved with three simple principles in mind: autonomy for your employees to opt in, the opportunity to apply a new skill set and mindset, and a sense of belonging to something greater than a job or silo. But, what does that mean?  Download the e-book and find out!

About the Author:

Maggie Pfeifer is Director of Education at the Innovation Engineering Institute and Eureka! Ranch. She has fearlessly lead and taught 1000s of students around the world the best practices for innovation and applying systems thinking to their lives and organizations.

She’s also co-stared on Backyard Inventors, a Canadian program aimed at helping independent entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations.

Why Merwyn Simulated Test Marketing
Helps You Make Smarter Business Development Decisions

Merwyn is a revolutionary approach to business development decision-making. However, the elements that drive success with Merwyn and the Marketplace, are ageless. To win, managers must develop bold, customer-driven concepts and communicate them with outstanding overtness, clarity and focus.

The purpose of this paper is to provide our rationale regarding the system’s pedigree and, more importantly, how it is that Merwyn can be more predictive of actual marketplace results than classic concept testing.

Merwyn Truth Teller: The World’s Most Truthful System For Early Stage Innovation Sales Forecasting

Merwyn Truth Teller (MTT) is an innovation decision support tool. It provides an honest assessment of the true uncertainty, risk and rewards associated with an innovation at the current moment in time. It does this by modeling the most likely value and the uncertainty associated with each sales forecasting input.

Psychological Drivers of Business Technology Innovation

This academic article outlines, with empirical evidence, what drives innovation success.  Thanks to years of measurement by the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute, the robust data set gives a unique and data-grounded peak into what really makes innovation take hold.