ISO Innovation Management Standards – What You Need to Know!


What are the ISO Innovation Management standards?
ISO Innovation Management standards (ISO 56000) are a set of internationally recognized guidelines and recommendations for organizations to follow in order to manage innovation effectively. These standards provide a framework for organizations to identify and prioritize innovation opportunities, establish processes and systems for innovation, and measure and evaluate the results of their innovation efforts.

The principles at the foundation of Innovation Management Systems are

  • Realization of value, 
  • Future-focused leaders, 
  • Strategic direction,
  • Culture,
  • Exploiting insights,
  • Managing uncertainty,
  • Adaptability, 
  • and Systems Approach

What are the benefits of the ISO Innovation Management standards?

Adherence to ISO standards can enhance an organization’s reputation and credibility, as it demonstrates a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. More importantly, the standards can be used to identify and address potential risks and challenges associated with innovation. Overall, the implementation of ISO standards in innovation management can help organizations to be more efficient, effective, and successful in their efforts to bring new ideas to fruition.

How do these standards align with Innovation Engineering?

As you know Innovation Engineering is a compressive approach to innovation that creates a culture of continuous innovation within an organization and has a strong emphasis on systems. Not surprisingy, the ISO principles all align with the Innovation Engineering skillset and curriculum. Certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts have the skills needed to implement the ISO standards.

How do the standards align with Jump Start Your Brain and innovation project management?

The tools available to you in Jump Start Your Brain allow you to manage innovation and adhere to ISO standards. Keep in mind that adaptability is one of the standards, so with any project management platform or tool including ours, look for ways to customize it and maximize its impact. JSYB offers several features to customize your company’s portal and project management system and we are happy to help you set those up. 


Other project management platforms can be very focused on project success and lose sight of the larger system. In JSYB’s universal project plan, the very last task in delivery is: “Review innovation system performance & make recommendations to improve.” This is a great reminder to take what you’ve learned from a project and apply it to improving the entire innovation system. 

How would the Innovation Engineering Community score on ISO key performance indicators?

We have a diverse set of organizations in our community that are at various stages of implementing Innovation Engineering. Overall our community quickly excels at strategic direction, insights (stimulus mining), creating ideas, time to market, and managing uncertainty. It takes longer for organizations to see an increase in the share of the revenue from innovation and a sustainable improvement in culture and systems.

Do you recommend doing the ISO Innovation Management Assessment?

Before leveraging their assessment I recommend starting with the Innovation Culture assessment available on Jump Start Your Brain. It will identify strengths and weaknesses faster without having to share your data. If you regularly leverage the culture assessment and then the ISO assessment could be a good next step.