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Eureka! Ranch is an international innovation think tank and training company.
We help companies think & act smarter, faster and more innovatively.

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our flagship innovation services: training. product development. culture.


Jump Start Your Brain®

Innovation Training & Tools

Upskill employees with the most critical life skill of the 21st century – innovative thinking!

Eureka! Inventing®

Outsourced Development

Create, test and develop disruptive innovations for today’s urgent and important challenges.

Innovation Engineering®

Process & Culture Consulting

Create a culture of innovation to improve your organization’s resillence.

Eureka! ranch is a GLOBAL innovation think tank & training company.

In 1986, founder Doug Hall left the role of P&G’s Master Marketing Inventor and established the Eureka! Ranch as a new product development agency.  Fast forward to today, Eureka! has not only helped 100s of companies invent new products,  they’ve pioneered a new field of study, reinvented a faster, more reliable process for innovation and taught over 35,000 people how to think smarter, faster and more innovatively.  LEARN MORE >>

Check out the latest release, Driving Eureka!, that captures everything we’ve learned about innovation since the beginning.

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We believe the hallmark of good work is repeat.  Below are just a handful of 100s companies that we've worked with 5 or more times.

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