Client Testimonials

35 Years of Helping Companies Innovate
The Eureka! experience is the freshest breath of air I’ve had in a very long time. The fact that something so much fun could be both productive and add value gives me hope for the broader corporate environment of the future.
Sharon Hall

General Manager, Avon Products

Doug Hall is a mind to be reckoned with. Only a few decades back he would have been called eccentric. Today, thos who have experiened his magic call him genius. I met Doug & the team expecting a brainstorm. What I got was a Brain Typhoon!
David Reiss

President, Affinity Memberships, Inc.

You can gamble on business long shots. Or, you can apply Jump Start Your Business Brain’s scientific laws and double, even triple your odds of business success. The choice is yours.
Kip Knight

Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell, USA

Saunders is a rare blend of speed, cost-effectiveness, and creative talent.
Tony Bevilacqua

VP Marketing, Eveready Battery Company, Canada

What a great creative experience my day at Eureka! Was for me. The experience was energizing, enriching, empowering, and enlightening-much like the kind of experience we are creating at the Disney Institute. Thank you for that. You have a terrific team of associates who were invaluable in facilitating the process.
Ron Nicodemus

Manager, Program Development, Entertainment Arts, Disney Institute

A big thanks to you and your team for an exciting and productive synergy meeting! It was a cold, skeptical crowd when we walked into the meeting trailer. Your exercises really loosened up the group. We met our objective with your team’s help.
Kathleen Tagle

Manager of Cooperative Marketing, Disney Institute

Working with Doug Hall and his lunatic friends has been the most uncivilized experience of my life… If there is a better way to create new ideas, I haven’t found it…by the way, Doug is not nearly as tall as he appears in the book.

Mark J. Michaud

Coors Brewing Company

Doug’s unique skill is to organize chaos into a compelling idea that clicks on the light switch.
Austin T. McNamara

Group VP, Chiquita Brands International

You call Doug Hall because he pushes you and leaves you with a pit in your stomach and in the end, you are better than when you started.
Michael Cleary

EVP & CEO, Chase Business Banking, Chase Bank

We could never have accomplished by ourselves what we accomplished through our Eureka! Inventing session. At my request, Doug presented the results to John Hancock’s CEO, which was very well received. I give Eureka! Inventing a solid “10” and am certain that John Hancock will continue to turn to Eureka! Ranch for future projects.
Michelle Van Leer

SVP, John Hancock Insurance

A magic kingdom in the true Disney sense – The Eureka! Mansion is a place where dreams are born!

Diane Iseman

President , Iseman & Associates

What separates Doug from others is his unique talent for not only creating breakthrough ideas but inventing ways to sustain a competitive advantage with them.
Marilyn O'Brien

President , Insights Qualitative Research

The great thing about Doug is that, aside from being tremendously creative, he has a good business sense and understanding. He’s practical and very responsive to client input.
Michelle Greenwald

SVP of Marketing , Mattel Toys

I was also thoroughly impressed with the attitude, the commitment, the enthusiasm, and the strategic thinking of you and all those with whom we worked on our project – truly a creative, clear-thinking, results-oriented bunch of people. A real privilege! Your commitment to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed the client’s expectations is unsurpassed in the industry. Just like our great brands, it’s good to know that there are others that deliver on promises made. You challenged us to think and do that which was not only outside the box but beyond our comfort zone.
Bob Cohen


The difference between other companies and Eureka! Ranch is that you leave the Ranch with both solid strategies and fully written and illustrated concepts that support those strategies so you can turn right around and present them to the Board of Directors, executive management, etc. I’ve been very impressed with the amount of legwork the team did prior to the Eureka! Inventing session to be fully prepared for the participants and to make the most of our time at the Eureka! Ranch. Eureka! Inventing has been a fabulous investment for my division. I give the program a “9” on a scale of 1 to 10 and I’m a pretty tough evaluator.
Ilene Quilty

Group Product Director, Johnson & Johnson

Doug Hall ingeniously inspires all the inventiveness people have.
Jon Mindell

Creative Supervisor & VP, N.W. Ayer, NY

The outcome of our session is nothing less than spectacular!
Chris MacLean

Director, Molson Breweries

When Doug (And his Richard Saunders’ team) first came in for a visit, our receptionist called up and said, ‘There’s a man here in the lobby wearing blue jeans,’ which was a tip-off. Then a bunch of us crawled around on the floor and acted like dogs for a day. Finally, we developed and introduced what looks like a successful new product. Go figure!
Jim Holbrook

Business Director, Midwestern Packaged Goods company

Upon arrival a the Mansion for a Eureka! session, it’s hard to believe anything will get accomplished – but work hard/play hard works. We’ve got some great ideas.
Sheldon Roesch

VP/General Manager, Pepsi-Lipton Partnership

We’ve found Richard Saunders Invention methods (Eureka!, AcuPOLL) to be different than most. They work!
Michele Wojtyna

Pepsi-Cola Company

I always knew you could have fun while you’re being creative, but not until I was in Doug’s Eureka! session did I realize just how much fun you could have.
David Moret

Manager New Product Development, Pepsi-Cola Company

When the Saunders’ team says a wild idea can be manufactured, believe them. Of course, don’t be surprised if doing it means you end up making history; that is, get two patents (as I did) in the process…
Matt Ariker

Director of Marketing & Sales, Sweetheart Cup Company

Speed was important to me… The Eureka! process helped us conceptualize our ideas and test them with excellent, fast, quantitative results using AcuPOLL.
Andy Geisse

Director Strategic Marketing, Southwestern Bell

Doug brings out (or back) the kid in all of us… to find solutions that are intuitively obvious to an 8-year-old, but not to a 5–year-old.
Chuck Hong

Director, Food, Beverage & Cosmetics R&D, Procter & Gamble

Merwyn has brought much-needed discipline to our concept development process. Merwyn allows us to more efficiently use our innovation resources and greatly enhances our probability of developing highly successful new products. Using Merwyn makes it feel as if we are cheating!
John Whitaker

Senior Research Manager, Tropicana Products, Inc.

The format was truly refreshing. It was a pleasure to be in a group where the idea creators outnumbered the idea killers. Until you commit to thinking what can be done instead of what cannot, you are destined to secure mediocrity.
Mark Hartwell

Founder CEO, The United States Playing Card Company

I am still trying to comprehend the week’s activities. I am in awe at the experience we had this week. Like I said — when I read your book some time ago, I was impressed, and never in my wildest dreams did I think Tenneco (Walker Muffler Division) would ever connect with something like this. Now that we have, I am blown away. You have something extremely unique here. I have only dabbled in creativity and you are a pro. I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to go through the ‘Eureka Experience.’ Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, the food was wonderful, the staff a delight to be around, and the whole experience a dream. Sean and Maggie (the whole team included) are wonderful to work with. We are now on the ‘make it happen side of the experience and there is a ton of stuff to be done, but what a wonderful way to start. We are at a turning point and you have provided a tremendous boost to get this all started. I could get addicted to this whole process! Here’s to the future! Let us go boldly where no muffler company has gone before!
Steve Patteson

Chief Engineer of New Product Development, Tenneco (clean air and ride performance mfg)

Suddenly, despite best intentions to remain cool and above it all, you find yourself nodding with agreement at the craziest ideas and resisting the conventional.
James A. Taylor

Managing Director, Yankelovich Partners

Eureka! has more stimuli, more focus on the people, and on the interaction of the people…I’d hate to go back to a regular brainstorming session after experiencing Eureka!
Dr. Authur VanGundy

International Creativity Expert, University of Oklahoma

Finally, a new product concept that’s fast, testable, and delivers results!

Bill Harnew

Senior Product Manager, Unilever U.S.A.

Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%.
Mark Lerner

President & COO, Gojo Industries

Saunders is a rare blend of speed, cost-effectiveness, and creative talent.
Tony Bevilacqua

VP Marketing, Eveready Battery Company, Canada

Creativity is notorious for the ‘not-invented here’ syndrome, and Doug (Eureka!) gets everybody to sense that it was their idea all along. He has taken creative-process management to the 22nd century.
Watts Wacker

Futurist, Yankelovich Partners

“Innovation Engineering is a complete business operating system at a gold standard level, done in a way that’s completely unique from the way that anyone else does it in the world.”

It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast-moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways…It gives you a completely holistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.

Ken Grier

Creative Director, The Macallan

A practical, no-nonsense approach to innovation that I can apply immediately back at the office.

Anne Senft

National Wildlife Federation

What makes Innovation Engineering different is that it’s clear that the methods and tools taught are crafted by people who’ve actually done it. It’s clear, it’s documented, it’s reliable, it works.

Mike Sirois

Chief Innovation Officer, High Liner Foods

I know each banker is looking for that product, service, or feeling that will make us unique to our customers and different from our competitors. If you believe you need the tools and methods to develop your own uniqueness, I wholeheartedly recommend Innovation Engineering.
Gregory A. Dufour

Gregory A. Dufour, Camden National Bank

This method forces you to stop your day-to-day repetitive activities and provides tools to re-evaluate what you have been doing and not doing for future growth
Luis Ramirez

President, Avant Technologies (security systems)

I’ve learned through Innovation Engineering Training the importance of rigor and encouraging others but through the lens of a clear organizational strategy.
Jaime Matyas

CEO, Student Conservation Association

Before this program, the burden of ideation fell to me. It was a lonely job, and a pretty myopic way of developing ideas. But with the Innovation Engineering System, new ideas are no longer ‘Tom’s Crazy Ideas.’ They’re our crazy ideas, which means they are better though-out and have more commitment and buy-in. any company serious about being in business and competing in the future can’t afford not to have a new product idea generation system build into their company structure. IE is the best I’ve come across.
Tom Murphy


It made us realize the potential for many of our products and helped us embark upon a path we would have never pursued on our own. We could never have done this without the staff from the Center and the Innovation Engineering program.
Rick Winkel

President, Can-Do National Tape

It provides a structure and specific tools to enable any team to become more innovative. There’s no magic, but rather an approach that will stimulate participants to take action.
Peter Green

SVP, Technology & Operations, Camden National Bank

We’re getting everyone to love failing. Because failing means we’re engaging all the right behaviors that are going to lead us to succeed.
Joe Perotto

CEO, DR Power

We put your training immediately to work. In a two-hour session, we were able to develop 10 clearly defined product ideas. Then, use your evaluation process to gain buy-in and trash some losers.
Jody Guerin

Owner, Coal Creek Coffee

I have been in quality-related job function for most of my career and this has awakened me that a systematic process for innovating like what is taught in LTI is what will REALLY drive sustainable sales and profits. I wish I went thru this seminar 20 years ago!
Paul Madix

Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Cintas Corporation

I see the excitement from people involved in (Innovation Engineering). You hear the chitter-chatter. And the best thing is you hear them talking about projects we’re not working on, saying, ‘Hey, I was thinking about this the other weekend. This would be really neat if we could do…’ It’s getting excitement within the organization – we see that we’re going somewhere.
Jim Hlebovy

Manager of Product Engineering, Gebauer Company

The Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute program presented by Doug Hall shold be mandatory for all organizations. The techniques and approaches presented will help any organization succeed as we move into a volatile era. many companies that attended the kansas event are already implementing Doug’s approach. That is how powerful the sessions were on the participants. No one should let this opportunity go untapped.
Steve R. Jenkins

SVP, Economic Development , Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

Your passion for instilling confidence in people’s creative skills had a profound impact on the group. More importantly, each individual is more confident in their own creative abilities and those of their colleagues. I am confident the tools we learned will be applied continuously throughout Fidelity and help us to transform what we do and how we do it.
Paul J. Gallagher

President, Fidelity Service Company

I’ve been in business for 20 years, this program has helped reinvent our company. With the way business has been the last couple of years, I feel now we have tools to jump start the business. We have a process-drive set of plans to grow the business.
Greg McCarty

McCarty Motors

I’ve learned through getting my Black Belt the importance of rigor and encouraging others but through the lens of a Blue Card and setting clear organizational strategy.
Jaime Matyas


It was the single most important learning opportunity in my professional career.
Garth Cormier

COO, Lighthouse Web Solutions

Innovation College completely changed my perspective in a number of ways. Firstly, it means you’re actually operating with a whole diverse group of people you wouldn’t normally get to spend time with. Second, it’s about stretching business problems. It’s about really looking at things outside in, rather than inside out. It’s about learning completely new skills. Joining the dots. To have something that’s really powerful, and really works.

Ken Grier

The Macallan

Your content was relevant & riveting. The presentation was engaging & thought-provoking. The company was genuine and the venue….no words.
Valerie Webster

President, USGreentech

We immediately put your Eureka! Trailblazer Training to work. Using the techniques we learned, we were able to develop 10 clearly defined ideas. Then we tested them against the laws…this process not only helped us get buy-in, it also helped us weed out some losers certain people have a strong attachment to. For me, this training enhanced, clarified, and added value to our innovation process. The gap between our current thought patterns and where we need to go to effect change was easily and effectively bridged using your methods. Results were fast, furious, fun, and powerful. Most importantly, your methods made it possible for us to achieve real Capitalist Creativity! Your session was the most useful, productive, and bottom-line business results-oriented training I’ve attended.
Roland Boose

Product Development, Nestlé

Wow! What a show! When it comes to opening up corporate minds you guys deserve the gold medal. Your combination of inspiration, entertainment and education was exactly what our group needed as they prepare for the games ahead.
Eric Schultz

Director of, Olympic Marketing

I know of no one who blends knowledge, curiosity, & creativity more productively than Doug Hall.
Dr. Lynn R. Kahle

Professor & Chair, University of Oregon

Now we run everything through Innovation Engineering. Since we’ve done that, we’ve been able to see improvement in efficiencies on our manufacturing floor and in our product development. We have a lot more acceleration.
Bill Mathews

CEO, Worksite Lighting

This is a grueling, mind-melting, confidence-shaking experience for anyone who thinks she already knows how to innovate. Know-it-alls, be prepared to be humbled.

Tori Britton

Chief Creative Officer, Webster Atlantic Corporation

It’s a prerequesite to innovation.
Kyle Kent


This is an essential toolkit of materials and skills for anyone who is really serious about growing their business through Innovation.The content and its presentation was sparkling. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly as the best business investment you can make irrespective of what business you are in.
Aida Grier

Care Manager, UHI

I have known Doug for over 20 years. During that time, I have seen him speak on numerous occasions to a wide variety of audiences. Doug is an accomplished magician and entertaining speaker. His ability to get an audience “charged up” is admirable, as well as his ability to field questions from the audience.
Kip Knight

General Manager, KFC

Your Eureka! Ranch Trailblazer Leadership Training Program was the most useful, productive and bottom-line results-oriented training I’ve attended. I have the tools I need. Now it’s up to me to build Capitalist Creativity into our corporate culture.
Roland Boose

Product Development, Nestlé

The thing I found about innovation college is it gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast-moving, have to adapt really rapidly, this gives you the tools to really think in a different and dynamic way. It engages and involves people. it broadens your skillset. And most of all it gives you a really holistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.

Ken Grier

The Macallan

Thank you for the dynamic and engaging presentation you delivered at the Advancing Maine summit. Your positive and enthusiastic message was a great way to begin this event and this process. People are still talking about it!
Richard Pattenaude

Chancellor, University of Maine System

Whatta show! From the opening to the close of your presentation, the audience was with you. As a consequence, the annual meeting was a rousing success. I’m glad I have a full year before I have to top this year’s convention. I’m strongly recommending to my staff colleagues that they do themselves a favor and schedule you for their upcoming annual meetings. Again, thanks for a superb presentation. You made my job easy!
Larry C. Davenport

Vice President, The Kellen Company

I feel like now I’m an innovator. I have a clear definition about what that means and how to do it. I know I truly learned innovation concepts and methods, because without even thinking about it, when asked recently to give a brief description of one of my programs for the university to use to advertise it on social media, I found myself gravitating toward very precise language and feeling it was important to specify what was new and different about the program, what was unique about the program that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and what was meaningful about the program. When you’re using the innovations concepts without even intentionally thinking about it…that’s a sign of truly internalized learning!!!
Jamison V. Kovach

Endowed Professor in Project Management, PMI Houston

“I had what I thought was a great idea but struggled with written concepts to persuade customers to buy my idea rather than stick with what was already available in the market.

Eureka! helped me to write concepts in a structured way and to run rapid research testing on them with potential consumers

Within 1 week I received market data and analysis from the Eureka! team that enabled me to give customers the proof that consumers love my idea and are willing to buy it in preference to the industry standard.

The speed and quality of their work was impressive, supported by unique Rapid Research software, helping me get the results I needed at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional market research.”

David Rimmer

Managing Director , Unette Packaging

Hall has a method to his madness, a rigorous, quantifiable process for inventing breakthrough ideas for clients.

Unlike many creative gurus hustling ideation wares in the corporate marketplace, Eureka! processes are quantified every step of the way.

CIO Magazine

Richard Saunders International’s unconventional approach has won raves from some of the biggest corporations in the country.

Eureka! might just have what we’ve all be looking for… the happy SECRET to success.
Dateline NBC

Give them a few minutes of your time, and they’ll show you how to: Design your product for power profit! Triple the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts! Multiply your brain’s ability to craft winning ideas!
Fast Company Magazine

Over the past year, it’s Eureka! division… has developed more new products (or off-shoots of existing ones) than any other organization in America.
New York Magazine

The Richard Saunders team goes to any length to encourage a fresh perspective… clients say it works.
Wall Street Journal