Creating a difference that makes a difference … is the purpose of life.   

In simple terms a difference that makes a difference is…Creating a Difference

–  A BIG Idea

  • A Meaningfully Unique product or service improvement
  • Something that builds PRIDE among workers 
  • Something that ignites word of mouth

The barrier to making a difference that makes a difference is that our teams and cultures embrace being practical and prudent. We accept that “we can’t”. 

As we enter September – it’s time for all of us to say NO to compromises. It’s time for all of us to come together to create a difference that makes a difference!

The first and most important step in making a difference that makes a difference is being honest with yourself, your team, and boss about what you are focusing your energy on.

Are you working on REAL STUFF that matters?

Are you EXCITED about how you are spending your time?

If not – NO STRESS – it’s time to pivot, adapt and begin again…

Ignite a plan for change…

  • LEARN MORE: Nothing will help you restart better than education.   Read any of the amazing books out there on innovation, change and creativity.   If you can’t find one – here’s a FREE LINK to the abridge one hour audio of my latest book Driving Eureka! 
  • SPEED BUILD A NEW VISION: Gather a team of “willing change agents” and invest 2 to 4 days in “speed building” a new vision. Over the past nearly 40 years we’ve found that when teams get out of their office and FOCUS on creating a new reality – thinking through all of the stuff… finance, customer, consumer, legal, regulatory, manufacturing, etc..  then big ideas happen. 

  • CHANGE HOW YOUR TEAM WORKS: Instead of handing the idea from department to department – approach the development as a journey of never ending innovation. As your idea moves forward let the idea change, adapt, adjust – keeping your entire team focused  on MAKING A DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.