with customized programs for…

for Growth

Align your leadership team on where and how to innovate in your organization for the greatest return.

Innovation PIPELINE

Invent and vet solutions for strategic challenges, including innovative new products, services, and systems that win over customers and stakeholders.

Innovation SYSTEM

Build an innovation system that enables your teams to consistently deliver new solutions with 250% higher odds of success and that moves 6x faster than average.

of Innovation

Scale an innovative mindset and proactive problem solving throughout the organization with a shared framework, enabling all with proven training and tools.

Strategies for Growth

You know innovation is critical, but…

  • you’re not aligned on what it looks like or where to focus in the short and long term.

You can’t do it all, and spreading yourself too thin across too many opportunity areas is a recipe for disaster.
Our Innovation Strategy projects give you confidence to determine the right focus. We are the only ones who evaluate both the best opportunities AND your current capabilities to give you a realistic strategy that will actually lead to real results and ROI*. This includes:

Learn your capacity for innovation and change based on your existing culture, people, and structures. We will benchmark your team against largest dataset on innovation culture** and capability to identify sources of strength and opportunity.

Output: Audit & Benchmark Report

Learn where to focus your limited capacity to get the best results. Uncover insights on your potential opportunity areas based on competition, technology, discoveries, trends, and customers to identify non-obvious strategic opportunities***

Output: Spark Decks®

Make a decision**** on what you will actually do. Gain alignment with a leadership team by sharing discoveries and answering the critical questions:

  • WHY do WE innovate?
  • WHAT is innovation for US?
  • WHERE should WE innovate?
  • HOW do we innovate?

Output: Innovation Strategic Plan

Points of Meaningful Uniqueness for Innovation Strategy


Our research and experience on all innovation approaches has been academically peer reviewed and published in foundational texts.


We’ve built the worlds largest dataset on innovation culture and capability.


Our unique research methods blend an analytical framework with a creative one so that we not only find interesting information, but we synthesize its implications and opportunities for you.


Sessions are expertly run by seasoned senior leaders that have worked with 100+ teams.


Innovation Pipeline

Your Challenge:

  • You need bold solutions immediately.
  • You want to break into a new area.
  • Your competitors are winning.

Eureka! Inventing projects fill your pipeline with disruptive innovations that win.

  • Win with customers/consumers = the innovation is preferred over the competition.
  • Win with leadership = the innovation demonstrates a powerful business case.
  • Win vs competition = the innovation is proprietary and hard to replicate.
  • Win with internal stakeholders = the innovation is de-risked & gets buy-in.

Discover insights and opportunities to exploit through extensive internal and external research on competition, technology, discoveries, trends, and customers to identify non-obvious connections, enablers, and stimulus* to inspire ideas

Output: Spark Decks®

Create and vet meaningfully unique innovations through an ideation and discovery sprint where we

  • invent ideas using a process proven to create 700% more DISRUPTIVE ideas.**
  • vet with customers/consumers***
  • optimize and build the business case with prototyping, math, learning, feasibility****

Output: Vetted Ideas & Business Rationale

Iterate and optimize to get the best return through a fast incubation process to

  • create a game plan for building organizational support
  • onboard staff and stakeholders
  • de-risk and problem solve
  • do rapid cycles of learning to improve the idea without compromising
  • Output: Investment-Ready Business Opportunity Recommendation

    Points of Meaningful Uniqueness for DISRUPTIVE Innovation


    We do 6 different kinds of deep research and then synthesize the implications to inspire bold yet feasible ideas.


    Our ideation techniques have been tried and tested with 1,000s of teams.


    Every session we’ve ever done creates ideas that score in the top box.


    DISRUPTIVE innovation requires business model and synergies innovation.  We work all aspects of the business proposition and it’s implications simultaneously from the start so you don’t have rework later.


    Innovation System

    Your Challenge:

    • It takes too long to put a new idea into practice.
    • Your process is not producing the quality of ideas you need.
    • Ideas are not adopted by the organization.
    • You have no formal process.

    Your Innovation System will align leaders on strategic objectives, enable your teams to consistently deliver new solutions with 250% higher odds of success, and move 6x faster than average.

    Leadership Workshop: Align on strategic objectives, innovation metrics, outcomes, opportunity areas, and the front end structure/plan.

    Output: KPIs & Governance

    Front End Innovation System: Build a FEI system that consistently delivers venture-level development proposals with 250% higher odds of success.*

    Output: Process & Systems Design

    Expert-Level Education: Teach university-level innovation skills to innovation teams through Innovation Engineering Blue and Black Belt® Certification.


    Sprint Design & Facilitation: Develop a session game plan to create, test, problem solve, and vet viable innovative solutions with expert coaching in days or weeks – not months.

    Output: Ideas & Internal Capability

    Enabling Tools: Research, problem-solving, & project acceleration tools that drive your team to more than double your ROI on innovations projects.


    Points of Meaningful Uniqueness for Innovation Program


    The complete Front End of Innovation System has been shown to increase the odds of success for new ideas to be adopted not only by the marketplace but also by the internal business as well.


    CULTURE of Innovation

    Your Challenge:

    • Your leaders don’t know how to foster innovation in their teams.
    • You want your staff to proactively solve problems that don’t have obvious solutions.
    • You don’t have a common language or framework for creating and implementing ideas within the organization.

    Our industry-recognized, academically peer reviewed curriculum, Innovation Engineering®*, is a new field of academic study and the only tested and proven operational innovation system and training program.

    Innovation Engineering Mastery Course: Learn how to build lasting innovation systems and lead disruptive projects.**

    Black Belt Certification Course for Innovation Specialists

    Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course: Learn how to drive innovation within your sphere of influence.***

    Blue Belt Certification Course for Leaders at all levels

    Proactive Problem Solving Workshop: Learn how to proactively identify problems, create non-obvious solutions, and take action using a shared idea framework.

    Workshop for all staff

    Points of Meaningful Uniqueness for

    Building a Culture of Innovation


    Innovation Engineering is a complete new field of study pioneered by Eureka! Ranch.  It takes all the reproducible and reliable skills related to innovation and puts them into one comprehensive approach.  It’s been validated by academics and industry.


    Black Belts typically earn a 10x ROI on their training.  They run projects worth 28X more than those with a basic understanding.  They lead or coach, on average, 24X more projects than those with a basic understanding.


    100% of Blue Belts apply the skills and mindset to their work and 60% of Blue Belts say they accomplished work they could not have done without the skills or tools.

    A full brochure & course catalog is available.

    Custom Course Development: Using our domain expertise in instructional design and innovation, we tailor courses to fit within your existing frameworks, culture, and training.