Dexter By Brain Brew Custom Whiskey
  • Innovation is NOT OFTEN LOVED
  • Innovation requires CHANGE
  • Innovation activates organizational RESISTANCE
  • Innovation often gets you LAUGHED AT
  • Innovations FAIL A LOT


Because when it works it’s worth all the pain and suffering

Last weekend Eureka! Ranch sister company, Brain Brew Custom Whiskey did a “soft” release of Dexter – our new Luxury Straight Bourbon – to our fans. The goal with it was to create “The Best Spirit In the World.” We have more to do – but are well on our way with Dexter being named one of the 12 best bourbons in the world by Ultimate Spirits 2020.

The response this past weekend was crazy – we sold 41 bottles in 90 minutes – and that was just the start of the biggest sales weekend in our history.

The joy of sitting and sipping it with a couple of fans on the back porch of the Eureka! Ranch Saturday afternoon – made the 223 R&D Failures that got us here worth all the effort!

So what are you waiting for?

Get Up – Get Out – Do Something Great!