Innovation Team Earning Turst

After 48 years of innovating and 33 years of consulting – I believe that the ROOT CAUSE of a lack of innovation at most companies is the lack of TRUST that leaders have in the ability of their teams to innovate successfully.

This lack of trust sets off a chain reaction of bad behaviors…

  • Because they don’t trust their teams can execute big ideas – leadership sets small goals.
  • Setting small goals for innovation results in changes without the WOW factor needed to be successful
  • When senior leaders see that they are failing on what seem like easy ideas – they lose more confidence.
  • Eventually – a “guru” is brought in to create big ideas – with fancy design ideas & marketing smoke.
  • Not being connected to the reality of how to actually develop and deliver – the ideas soon fail.
  • Management – having failed with little ideas & guru ideas – gives up – and resorts to using cost cutting to drive growth.
  • This strategy works for a short time – but soon sees diminishing returns.
  • Leadership is replaced and the cycle repeats

And it all started because the Leader didn’t TRUST in the ability of the company teams to innovate.


The people can innovate. 
The people have big ideas. 
The people can turn those big ideas into reality.

They just need support and structures to help them focus their energy more successfully.

Under the leadership of CEO Maggie Nichols the Eureka! Ranch team is using Eureka! Inventing projects to build leadership TRUST.    The Ranch experts – work side by side with employees.  They show by doing – teaching, inventing and driving out risk though rapid quantitative research. 

With this success – leadership sees a pathway to winning with innovation.   Leadership sets project missions that are more challenging – and that deliver higher sales and profits.

To make the process sustainable – the Ranch team provides Innovation Engineering courses and software tools.  Soon a new mindset develops where employees, managers and leadership believe – really believe that they can win with innovation.




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