Nothing beats – seeing, feeling and experiencing on the front lines. IMG_3063-small-15

If you are working on an innovation my advice is to make some, sell some and learn a ton! 

This past Saturday we opened our Brain Brew Distillery at the Eureka! Ranch just outside of Cincinnati.  After many months of “theory” (caused mostly because of the paperwork challenges of opening a distillery)  it all became very real very fast.  

During the Day we Learned – we Pivoted – we Adjusted – it was AWESOME. As Joe Girgash – Global Head of Operations said at celebration after party, “It’s so great to see the theory proven to be true!” 

The reaction to Crafting Your Own Family Bourbon was EPIC! 

The reaction to our Cincinnati Riverboat Whiskey Collection was OVER THE MOON!

The reaction to our Artisan Craft Cocktails was FANTASTIC!

So what are you waiting for – get up, get out and make your innovation real!  If you’d like to join us sign up at Craft My Bourbon.com  

Custom Whiskey Experience are at 4:00 and 7:00 and costs $35 per person.