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Research finds that to be successful with marketing you need to communicate your MEANINGFUL UNIQUENESS in 11 seconds! 

That means you need to be really sharp and precise with the message you use in your headline or the opening to your video.


  • In the past you would build up to the big “reveal”
  • In today’s work you need to be overt, precise and brutally clear about your WOW.

Interestingly – this new learning actually CONFIRMS the critical importance of headlines – based on quantitative data reported by David Ogilvy years ago in Ogilvy on Advertising and that I reported in my book Jump Start Your Business Brain based on tracking studies on over 10,000 innovations.  My latest book Driving Eureka! Gives even more data to support this.

Facebook video data also shows that most videos on the web are played with no sound – so you must have clear visuals and subtitles on them!