It is no secret that when you have a “to do” list you get more done and the same goes for innovation.  When you use a “to do” list or checklist we seeInnovation Checklist the following:

1. You will ship more innovations.
Innovation projects that leverage a checklist are over twice as likely to be in a development or shipping phase than projects not using a checklist.

2. You will ship faster.
Projects with checklist move 4 times faster.

Checklists tell the project teams: WHAT to do. WHY to do it. And HOW to do it.  By removing this mystery at every step in the process teams can do more and move faster.

The data is clear, so what you should do next is ideally create a checklist for your company. You may want to create two, one for core projects and one for leap innovations. As you are working on creating these checklist you can have current project teams start using one of the default checklist in IE Labs.

Data is based on over 7 thousand innovation projects created over the past 5 years using Innovation Engineering Labs.