Professional Development at the Eureka! Ranch

Training People to  Do New

Organizations can not successfully innovate if they do not know how.  If you are not confident in the reliability of your organization creating and executing more profitable products, services, processes, or markets, then invest in building confidence. Our system delivers ROI on training because we teach students and have them apply their new skills to innovate at their organizations.


Our Mission

1. Help People. Enable everyone to innovate and do new and meaningful things.
2. Help Organizations. Build a culture of innovation by building confidence and capabilities for sustainable growth.


Our Principles

1. The Willing Will Become Able: Our courses allow for unlimited cycles of learning. The only way to fail is to give up.

2. Hands-On Learning and Apply to Real Work: We are not interested in teaching people to innovate who never apply their skills. Instead, we want to build confidence to apply what they learn to real-world problems. 

Our Courses

Skills needed for change

We teach Innovation Engineering

Innovation is about ideas that are meaningfully unique.  It’s about productive imagination.  It’s about change, ideas, improvement, and working smarter.  Innovation is about unique ideas that accomplish a meaningful purpose.  The purpose can be for igniting social change, changing how we work with our co-workers, or simply making a difference in people’s lives with a more effective product or service.

Engineering is about applying innovation to the real world.  It’s about discipline, system reliability,  documentation, experimentation, problem-solving, and making decisions based on factual data.  The chemist studies the compositions, properties, and activity of organic and inorganic substances.  The Chemical Engineer applies the chemist’s discoveries in the real world of factories and products.

Workshops: Online and In-person

Gain awareness of key innovation principles and transform any meeting into a fun, interactive learning exercise.
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Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course with Blue Belt Certification

Learn the skills needed to innovate and lead projects at your organization.
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Innovation Engineering Mastery Course with Black Belt Certification

Learn the skills needed to manage innovation and improve systems for innovation at your organization.
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LMS Content

Give everyone access to the entire academic curriculum via video lessons and self-guided badge tracks.
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Meet the Instructors

Helping people innovate since 1986

Doug Hall

Founder of the Eureka! Ranch
CEO of Innovation Engineering Institute


Maggie Pfiefer

VP of Education, Innovation Engineering Institute
Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Brad Hall

Education Brand Manager, Innovation Engineering Institute
Innovation Engineering Black Belt
Masters, Educational Administration

Corie Spialek

Director of Operations & Innovation Coach
Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Together our team has trained over a thousand students in person, online, and at universities.

Your instructors at the Eureka! Ranch have years of experience helping companies innovate and literally wrote the book on Innovation Engineering. There is no team more qualified than ours to train your organization to be more innovative.

In our certification courses, every assignment is graded by one of us. We leverage these opportunities to build personal relationships and provide coaching that progresses each student to mastery.

We are passionate about innovation and education and look forward to building your team’s innovation confidence and capabilities.

Testimonials and Reflections

“This is a grueling, mind-melting, confidence-shaking experience for anyone who thinks she already knows how to innovate. Know-it-alls, be prepared to be humbled.”


“It was the single most important learning opportunity in my professional career.”


“PRACTICAL STUFF. Worth it’s weight and price 1000X over. It’s as important for companies at $1 million as at $1 billion. Credible because it’s supported with a ton of VERY HARD Data.”


Return on Investment

Build a Culture of Innovation

Successful organizations invest in innovation to continually grow. In fact, half of their total revenue comes from innovations they’ve done in the past few years. But to see these significant returns they also make significant investments. While most investments in innovation go to R&D and marketing, one of the biggest ROIs stems from investing in people and building a culture of innovation. 

The key to our success and delivering ROI is to have students apply what they learn to their work.

Up Skill Workers WITHOUT application

Negative ROI

Up Skill workers WITH application

Over 3x ROI

Up Skill Leaders to Improve Systems

Over 10x ROI

Training Everyone to Think Proactively. Innovation is more than just new products and services. While new offerings have a big potential to grow your business only a fraction of your people can use their skills to influence new offerings. However, everyone has their own sphere of influence. Giving everyone a proactive mindset allows them to use creativity to solve a problem before the problem occurs. Other problem-solving techniques are typically applied reactively to today’s biggest problem. This result is organizations optimizing their business for the past instead of the future.
We train people to proactively solve problems that have positive ROI for the organization and after their first application project, students have already provided value that far outweighs the price of the course (3x-200x). The best part is that students are also preparing to be the future leaders of innovation at your organization.

Training Leaders to Improve Systems for Innovation.  The most successful companies also have the highest confidence in their system for creating and executing more profitable products, services, customers, and or markets. People’s confidence in the system is more correlated with success than their confidence in their own ability to innovate. It is no surprise that when leaders complete their Innovation Engineering Mastery Certification that they make the biggest impact leading innovation projects and improving the systems for future projects.