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Innovation Workshops

Our Innovation Workshops can be customized for your needs. If you have 2 hours or 2 days, we can make it work!

Innovation Engineering How-to Workshops are quick, easy, and entertaining for all audiences. You will not just learn more about innovation you will walk away with skills that you can begin applying immediately to your life & work.


Innovation Overview

Are you struggling with understanding what is an innovation or how to get start applying it?

During this workshop you will learn what is an innovation and how to get started now with innovation.

Strategy Activation

Does a lack of clear strategic priorities cause confusion? Wasted time and money?

In this workshop you will learn a quick and easy solution to finding group alignment and how to activate strategic priorities.

Meaningful Uniqueness

Do you come up with lots of ideas, but once they’re out there, have no idea how to know which ones are worthwhile?

In this workshop you will learn to distinguish the WOW from the lifeless, so you can get started on what matters most.

Concept Writing

Do you struggle to get others to buy in and support for your ideas?

Learn how to effectively communicate your ideas and persuade anyone to support you.

Plan, Do, Study, Act

Does fear of risk drive down your ideas until they’re just the same old same old?

Learn to quickly and cheaply validate your ideas to reduce risk and enable your BOLD and BRAVE ideas.

Systems Driven Innovation

94% of our problems are due to the systems we work within, 6% are due to the workers. Can you tell the difference at your organization?

Learn to understand the different systems you work with and how they impact performance, so you can get started improving them immediately!


How long do you need to run the workshop?

The least amount of time is 60 minutes, but we love more. From 60 minutes to 2 days we’ve got you covered.

Is it possible for my audience to be too large or too small?

NO! We have run workshops for teams of 10 to over 200…the only limit on size is the capacity of the room you choose to use.

Do we have to come to your location?

Absolutely not! Our content is designed to go anywhere – we have facilitated trainings and workshops all over the world.

Is your content customizable?

Yes, we are happy to work together to make the content speak to your audience. Even better we can take it one step further and offer a free innovation assessment of your audience in advance of the workshop that will allow us to customize the content to your audience’s innovation level, knowledge, and expertise.

Am I limited to the 6 Workshops above?

NO! Email Corie@EurekaRanch.com to set up a time to talk through exactly what you are looking for and how we can help.

Do you have Experience with my industry?

Our guess is YES, but don’t take our word for it – Click HERE for a complete list.


All courses run by Eureka! Ranch are facilitated by
Eureka! Ranch Staff & Certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts

If you’d like to learn more about Innovation Engineering Workshops or plan a private program for your group, contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.