Black Belt Certification

The Innovation Engineering® Mastery Course with Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification gives you the skills to lead your organization into a new innovative future.

Get the skills and the step-by-step processes to lead an agile and innovative organization.








The Mastery Course will enable you to transform your innovation projects from random gambles to reliable investments.

You will gain the courage, confidence, and capability to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities created by the internet, globalization, and rapid change.

Studying Innovation Engineering teaches you key elements of the engineering mindset: curiosity, discipline, and how to think deeper.

It teaches you how to use writing and math as tools for thinking deeper about new ideas.

It teaches you the power of stimulus mining, collaboration, experimentation,


When an organization truly implements all the facets of Innovation Engineering, a number of clear signs of change emerge: 

  • Your Offerings are More Meaningfully Unique. And when they are Meaningfully Unique, customers are willing to pay more for them.
  • Your Innovation Pipeline Expands. Your organization has a pipeline of ideas for growing Net Profit Margin every year. 
  • Speed Improves 6X. You take ideas to market up to 6X faster because you’re aligned and have systems that support speed. 
  • Risk Decreases 30 to 80%. Your innovations have a reduced risk of failure by 30 to 80% because you identify and overcome risks BEFORE you invest.
  • Research Drives Speed & Cost Reduction. You can do innovation research 20X Faster & at a 90% lower cost.

and systems thinking as methods for problem-solving existing challenges and creating new ideas that proactively lead your organization, industry, and career.

As a graduate of the Mastery Course – an Innovation Engineering Black Belt – you’ll be a member of a worldwide community of change agents. It’s a community dedicated to helping one another enable their dreams. The Brain Brew Blog connects you in an instant to other Innovation Engineering Blue Belts and Black Belts. Regular Jump Start Your Brain webinars keep you up to date on the latest best practices. An annual global conference brings the community together to share learning.

  • ALL Your Employees are Innovating. You are implementing up to 12 ideas per employee per year.
  • Employees Have Their Name on a Patent. Patents and intellectual property are part of the culture. With Ideas to Patents, a provisional patent application can be written by nearly anyone in about an hour.

When the leadership enables the employees with strategic clarity, education, and system support, a transformation of mindset is seen in the culture in just 6 months.

It’s not uncommon to see statistically significant increases among employees on optimism, courage, and pride of work. And as a result, everyone wins.

Reasons why people pursue Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification

There are a number of reasons why people participate. Below are just a few that we hear:

  • I was just put in charge of innovation and I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m on an accelerated leadership track in my company.
  • I’m an innovator naturally. I love learning about the cutting edge.
  • Innovation is a new key driver in our business, and I need to understand how to do it.
  • I’m tired of doing the same old stuff. I need a jolt.
  • I’m a leader in my organization and we need to change, but how am I supposed to lead something I myself don’t have a handle on?
  • Innovation is on my performance criteria.
  • Innovation is a ton of FUN!


In this course, you’ll learn the skills that make up the Innovation Engineering “Body of Knowledge” – the complete academic peer-reviewed curriculum taught in Innovation Engineering undergraduate and graduate school programs across the world. In the Mastery Course, the instruction has been condensed for corporate education so that anyone can participate.

    Driving Strategic Alignment

    • Strategy Activation

    • Vertical Alignment

    • Future Mining

    Investing in Intellectual Property

    • Patent ROI

    • Proprietary Protection

    • Technology Translation

    Personal Leadership Development

    • Personal Leadership 

    • Organizing for Success

    • Real World Communications

    Collaboration and Ideation

    • Collaboration Systems

    • Professional Grade Brainstorming Sessions

    • Unrelated Mining

    • Patent Mining

    • Insight Mining

    • Market Mining

    • Wisdom Mining

    Innovation Pipeline & Development System

    • Departmental Alignment

    • Innovation Decisions 

    • Business Opportunity Recommendation

    • Organizing for Success

    • Advanced Create Methods

    • Proactive Selling Pitches

    Rapid Research & Data-Driven Decision Making

    • Rapid Research Operations

    • Oomph

    • Concept Feedback Systems

    Forecasting Innovation ROI

    • Rapid Research Analytics

    • Cost & Price Estimating

    • PDSA Reducing Variation in Forecasts

    • Business Models

    Systems Thinking

    • Appreciation for a System

    • Knowledge about Variation

    • Psychology

    • Theory of Knowledge

    Building the Innovation Mindset

    • Diffusion of Innovation Mindset

    • Optimizing the Whole

    • Advanced Benefit & Proof

    • Estimating Value

    • Meaningful Marketing Messages

    It’s a true mastery program.
    5 college courses worth of content with the guidance of an experienced IE Black Belt.


      Pre-Work Digital Classes

      Prior to attending each Black Belt session, students watch a set of videos that average about 7 minutes. Each video covers one of the sub-skills that make up the Innovation Engineering body of knowledge. The videos provide a foundation of understanding and a very easy way to revisit and remind yourself on key concepts when you are working on applying Innovation Engineering with teams in your organization. The videos are continuously updated as new learning is uncovered in what matters most and how to learn best. A special alert system allows students to easily identify updates.

      16 Weekly Live Virtual Sessions

      These sessions immerse you in the mindset and principles associated with applying system thinking to strategy, innovation, and how we work together as an organization. 90%+ of the time is spent on hands-on Lab classes where you see, feel, and experience the skills and sub-skills you learned through the Digital Classes. It’s through this first-person experience that the mindset and principles become real.

      Practical Application

      Experience real-time ROI when you apply what you have learned at work. Guided by your instructors, you will be driving strategic missions forward leading to tangible results.

      The Path to Certification involves 3 elements:

      1. a grade of 100% on all class assignments (no stress – you can resubmit unlimited times our goal is to get you to mastery not to fail you),
      2. application of the learning to your real work through certification assignments graded by your certification coach, and
      3. the personal written recommendation of your Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification coach.

      Innovation Engineering Black Belt candidates have up to 12 months to complete certification.



      In the end, results have been spectacular. Our speed to market is improved 40%. And our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%.”

      Mark Werner

      COO, GOJO Industries

      “It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast-moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways. It gives you a completely wholistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.”

      Ken Grier

      Creative Director, The Macallan

      I feel like now I’m an innovator. I have a clear definition of what that means and how to do it. I know I truly learned innovation concepts and methods, because without even thinking about it, when asked recently to give a brief description of one of my programs for the university to use to advertise it on social media, I found myself gravitating toward very precise language and feeling it was important to specify what was new and different about the program, what was unique about the program that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and what was meaningful about the program. When you’re using the innovation concepts without even intentionally thinking about it…that’s a sign of truly internalized learning!!

      Jamison V. Kovach

      PMI Houston Endowed Professor in Project Management, University of Houston


      How long does it take to complete?

      On average, the course takes approximately 50-60 hours of work to complete.

      What are the course requirements?

      Innovation Engineering Fundamentals is a prerequisite to Mastery and can be done online or in person. There is no minimum level of formal education or business experience required. The course does require access to the internet and an electronic device (phone, tablet, or computer) to join the virtual classes and do the work.

      How is this Better than any other innovation course?

      Unlike other business courses that are based on a few personal experiences or third-person research – this course is grounded in front-line innovation work and hard data from the world’s largest database (25,000+) on what drives success and failure. The data is so reliable that the curriculum, called Innovation Engineering, is recognized as a new field of academic study with undergraduate and graduate degrees offered at colleges and universities. World leaders in business and innovation who’ve used these methods include: Walt Disney, Nike, Pepsi-Cola, American Express, Procter & Gamble, US Department of Commerce, and thousands of others. This course is brought to you by the Innovation Engineering Institute – a partnership between the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine.

      Is this a recognized certification?

      Yes. An Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification is an industry-recognized credential in innovation. It is issued by the Innovation Engineering Institute.

      Will I actually get a promotion/better job because of this course?

      Most people say that this certification made their resume stand out versus others. Some graduates report that the first interview question they’re often asked about is the certification – which gave them a great opportunity to talk about their skills but also the applied work they did in the course itself becomes proof that they have skills that they actually use. And, most importantly, many Black Belts who got promoted / better jobs say their new company/boss/board overtly cited that Innovation Engineering Black Belt was a primary driver that got them their new leadership job.

      Is it worth $12,000 USD?

      No. It’s worth more than $120,000. Check out this 10-minute video: 10 reasons why Black Belt is worth 10x what you pay. 


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