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Innovation is table-stakes in today’s world.  But what is a leader’s role in that system to ensure innovation is enabled throughout the organization?  Should you show unwavering confidence?  Should you operate by committee to get buy-in?  Should you be allowing big blue sky thinking?  Should you put compensation and reward systems in for innovating?  What do you “count” as innovation?

At the Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat we’ll show you a methodology that can guide you and your organization into an innovation evolution.  You’ll get to see, feel and experience a system that not only creates and delivers innovation, but does it while reducing risk.

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to build and lead an innovative team and organization – and even get started working on your unique plans to evolve your company’s approach to innovation.

Fair Warning:  Many of the things you’d assume to be true about accelerating innovation in your company, aren’t.  In fact, many of the popular tactics used today can slow, stop or worsen your innovation attempts. 

in this retreat you will:

Reward Without Risk

Learn about a system for innovation that drives up innovation, drives out risk & gives a foundation to an innovative culture.


Inspire Innovation

Understand how to communicate your strategy in a way that inspires innovation in line with organizational goals.

Leverage Leadership

Learn the key levers you have as leaders to enable innovation at every level throughout the organization.

Swift Data-Backed Decisions

Learn how to test ideas at a fraction of the time and cost so you can make smarter decisions & investments.

Systemic Innovation

 Map your own Innovation System and Culture and create a plan for making it even better.

Strategy Jump Start

Get started immediately on improving your organization in a sample Strategy Activation session.


Ken Grier joined a Leadership Retreat years ago, hoping to gain insight into how to lead and develop a culture and capability for innovation.  As you can see from the video, he carried on to apply what he learned in his business.  The results speak for themselves.

The Eureka! Ranch team that teaches the course has been named among America’s top innovators by CNN, CBC, Inc Magazine and others. The average American home uses over 18 products or services that the Eureka! Ranch has helped invent or reinvent

Why THIS COURSE IS different

Unlike other business courses that are based on a few personal experiences or third-person research – this course is grounded in front-lines innovation work and hard data from the world’s largest database (25,000+) on what drives success and failure. The data is so reliable that the curriculum, called Innovation Engineering, is recognized as a new field of academic study with undergraduate and graduate degrees offered at colleges and universities.

World leaders in business and innovation who’ve used these methods include: Walt Disney, Nike, Pepsi-Cola, American Express, Procter & Gamble, US Department of Commerce and thousands of others. 

The content of the Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat is taken from Driving Eureka! – Problem-Solving and Data-Driven Methods and the Innovation Engineering System.

Dubbed by some as the “instruction/how-to guide for creating an innovation culture and system in your own company,” the book goes into greater depth on a systems-driven approach for innovation that scales.

Every leader leaves with a copy of the book and a plan for taking action.


Check out the audio overview to get a better sense of what you’ll learn.

Driving Eureka!

by Doug Hall, Eureka! Ranch Founder and Leader of the Innovation Engineering Institute | 60 minute abridged audio overview


On the first day the focus is on learning innovation leadership systems & tools. 

On the second day you’ll experience a sample Strategy Activation Session.

Both days start with a 7:30am full breakfast and serve lunch at 12.30pm.



Systems that Enable Speed to Market Success:  Data, research, and a live experiment validate before your very eyes the power of applying systems thinking to innovation.

Innovation Success Through Alignment:  Learn a simple system for creating the three alignments: 1) Strategic Alignment, 2) Departmental Alignment, and 3) Team Alignment.

Turbo Charging Brainstorming by 700%:  Learn the two secrets for transforming the effectiveness of your personal and professional ability to create ideas to problem solve challenges.

Driving Out Fear with Clear Communication & Fast Customer Research:  Learn to use writing to think deeper about your ideas to say with clarity what your idea is and why anyone should care, and experience the power of rapid feedback.

12.30pm Lunch


Doing Smarter Math on Innovations – Early in the Process:  Learn advanced tools for doing the math, including Fermi estimating and Monte-Carlo “risk adjusted” sales forecasting, to transform decision speed and learning cycles. 

Driving Out Compromising on BIG IDEAS During Development:  Learn to use Simultaneous Engineering and Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of learning, resulting in ideas growing 28% in value during development.

Innovation Case Study:  A real life innovation case study detailing a company’s challenges with transforming a very old company in a highly regulated industry and how they achieved success “FAST & CHEAP” with system driven innovation.

Getting Started on Your Business:  We kick start your team’s thinking about your organization’s innovation history and areas ripe for innovation as we prepare for the sample Strategy Activation session on day 2.

~5:00pm Happy Hour & Dinner:  For events conducted at Eureka! Ranch, you can experience Happy Hour at the on-site Threshfield’s Pub – stocked with the best whiskeys, local microbrews, and world class wine. Followed by dinner.


START IT UP – NOW!  On day 2 you get a hands-on experience applying innovation to your world through a rapid fire sample Innovation Engineering Strategy Activation session.

12:30pm Lunch & Dismissal

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We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring at least 2 leaders (ideally 4 or more) from your organization to the retreat as we’ll be spending a fair amount of time having you reflect and apply the lessons to your organization.

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What level of leader should attend?

You can be any level of leader – of a team, of a division, of a company, of an NGO, of a multinational conglomerate…the list goes on.  If you lead others and you want to innovate together – you should attend.

Can I come by myself?

To get the most out of this program, collaboration is key.  You really want to attend with at least one other leader – ideally at least 4 of you – because you’ll be spending time doing interactive strategic activities for your organization.

Will I work on case studies or my business?

Both.  To demonstrate key learning quickly, we’ll use case studies for practice.  But you’ll also be applying what you learn to your organization – mostly at the end of day 1 and all of day 2.

Do I get certified?

No, this program doesn’t come with a certification.  Our certifications are more intensive – with more rigorous pre and post work where you apply new skills to your work and get expert level feedback do have certifications – an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification or an Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification.

Both certifications are appropriate for leaders.

Is there any prework?

No.  We do suggest that you listen to the one-hour abridged audio of Driving Eureka! before you come – but it’s not required.

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