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upcoming public trainings & events held at our headquarters and locations around the world.

What makes Eureka! Ranch’s Training & Events Meaningfully Unique?

Forget death by PowerPoint or case study scrutiny, we believe every interactive event or training should be loaded with ah-hah moments, interactive experiences and transformative education that elevates your mindset and skills.

For participants, that means hands-on work versus listening to lectures.  It means collaboration across functions and fields so you can learn from others.  It means cycles of Fail Fast, Fail Cheap® applications that help you try, fail and learn more than regular classroom style.

In fact, we’re such fanatics about making sure we pack in deep learning that you can leverage immediately, we’ve filed a patent for our teaching method, Cycles to Mastery.®  For us, it’s ensures that we adhere to the most progressive advancements in applied learning.  For you, it means you learn in a way that helps you internalize your new skills far deeper than you should – given the speed at which you learn it.

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Online & On-Demand Courses – Available Anytime



The on-demand, online version of Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course is completely self-paced, so you can begin immediately. And because every module has a component of instant application, you’ll literally work on your own challenges throughout the course.

Start whenever you like.  The course begins when you’re ready.


If I'm not "in innovation" are these courses right for me?

Of course!  Our mission is to make everyone, everywhere more innovative every day.  And that especially means people that don’t have “innovation” in their title.  In our view, everyone from office staff to teachers to parents can use innovation to make their worlds better.  Our Fundamentals Course is the perfect thing if you have little to no innovation experience.

Do the courses come with a certification?

Yes!  After taking the Fundamentals Course you can continue on to your Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification.  After taking the Mastery Course you can continue on to your Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification.

If I'm a seasoned innovator, what are my options?

As a seasoned innovator, you know it’s always good to be constantly curious and learning.  And our Mastery Course is a great way to take your experience with innovation to the next level.  It’s an accelerated graduate course that teaches you advanced skills in creativity, communication and strategy, commercialization and systems.