The overview video is the first video in a series of video lessons showing users exactly how to use Jump Start Your Brain’s Project Management System.


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It is the only Project Management System designed for Innovation and Uncertainty.

Project Management systems are difficult to use for Innovation projects because they can’t handle the uncertainty or maintain alignment.
Our project management system works for Innovation projects because it uses cycles of learning to handle uncertainty and a blue card structure to maintain alignment.

It works by allowing cycles of learning to be added to any milestone or task in your project. This way only things that need experimentation will get cycles and everything else can continue without disruption. Doing cycles of learning allows teams to keep the projects moving, pivot as they learn and grow the idea rather than compromise.

When you are assigned a task that you don’t know how to do. Simply click the cycles button and up comes a Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle of learning. The plan section is where you specify what you’re trying to learn. Then the do section is equipped with innovative tools that allow you to create ideas, problem solve, mine for solutions, or do research tests.
Then you capture what you learned in the study box and what you should do next in the act box.

By allowing multiple separate cycles for different tasks you can handle the uncertainty simultaneously and maximize speed.

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