Why Innovation Pipelines Need to Be 10x Your Current Sales

From Define to Deliver

You can call the phases what you want, but typically innovation pipelines start with capturing the ideas and end in delivery when the project is shipped or selling.

Not every project survives this process, in fact, based on data from Jump Start Your Brain’s innovation project management system only 4% of projects that are defined end up in delivery. The means for every idea that completes development, you need 25 unique ideas at the start.


of ideas get to delivery

Innovation Success

Organizations who are successful with innovation have 40% of their sales from new products or services that they didn’t sell 3 years ago.


of sales should be from new products or services

Pipeline Value Should Equal 10x Your Current Sales

To end up with projects worth 40% of your sales in deliver,
you need to start with a collection of projects worth 10 times your current sales.
10 * 4% = 40%   

Assess Your Pipeline

A short 8 question survey to about your innovation problems, so we can recommend which innovation systems to learn and apply.    

Fill Your Pipeline

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