2 Innovation Tools to Disrupt Thinking

Teamwork in Today's Innovation Age

To work at the speed of innovation means your team needs to be in synch for speed.  In this webinar Doug Hall, Founder & CEO of Eureka! Ranch talks to Kevin Cahill, Director of the Deming Institute about what dynamics are at play for teams and how to set up for innovation success.

You'll Learn:

  • How to keep teams moving in the same direction
  • How to identify if your environment is built for highly functioning teams
  • The biggest driver that helps teams move quickly

2 Innovation Tools to Disrupt Your Teams Thinking

This webinar will cover Lawbreaker and Take over Time; two proven innovation tools developed by the team at Eureka! Ranch and used with innovation teams all over the world. (both exercises are downloadable on the video page)

A proven structure for Innovation Success
Mind Mapping

A Proven Structure for Success

This webinar covered the 4 phases & 3 roles that are essential to making an innovation project ship. You have an idea in your head. Now lets start the process of making it real.


Persuasive Concept Writing

This webinar covered persuasive concept writing.  You have an idea in your head. Now lets make it real. Remember communication is the bridge between ideas and making them a reality.


Mind Mapping

This webinar covered Mind Mapping (from Tony Buzan).  It is a universal tool that is used to explore stimulus and leverage diversity to generate ideas. Maggie Pfiefer, Director of Education, covered how to use it to reduce fear and generate more ideas.

You will learn:

  • What is Mind Mapping?
  • How can you use it for yourself.
  • How can you use it to get more from your team.
  • How you can super charge it to help you solve pressing problems!