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Helping Established Companies Innovate

using a systemic approach, because innovation is too important to be left to chance.
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Innovation Help is too focused on start-up companies.
We believe everyone needs help innovating and have validated programs that work for established companies.


Start with Workshops or Training

Leadership Workshops

Create realistic strategies that allow your company to be proactively leading your industry rather than reactively following. We work with leadership to create strategies with clear missions and boundaries.

Special Projects

Every companies has special projects that don’t quite fit within their core operations.
We accelerate and reinvent these projects to guarantee that they make a real return for the company. 

Applied Skills Training

Your team doesn’t have any time to spare. That is why are trainings have each student apply what they are learning to their organizations current challenges. This way no time is wasted and organization get tangible ROI on training.

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Recent Media Publication

Maggie Nichols

CEO, Eureka! Ranch & Innovation Engineering Institute, enabling everyone to think and act more innovatively.


Success Stories, Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Most of our work is of the strictest confidence.  We work in innovation after all and the results of our work are not just Intellectual Property, but often filed as provisional patents.  So while it means we can't brag about everything we get to do, it does mean we get to work on some pretty incredible "super top secret" things.

Eureka! Inventing Success Story

Reinventing How Ideas are Invented
Samsung’s Innovation Success Story
Innovation Event

Case Studies

From helping a non-profit create ideas for new products and services worth 2x their current revenue to creating a system and culture of innovation for a global spirits company, growing profits 1,200% over 10 years.
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Innovation Event

Client Testimonials

We have been helping companies innovate for 35 years.
Hear from our past and current clients about their experience working with the Eureka Team.

About Us

New Program for Front End Innovation Increases Success Rates by 250%

If you want our employees to bring you better ideas and opportunities, you need to be clear on what you’re looking for and how you want it presented.

Our Front End Innovation Program helps you craft specific requests for ideas and templates for Business Opportunity Recommendations.

When opportunities are presented to you in a standardized report that you designed, business decisions become stress free and everyone is more confident that the right opportunities are moving forward to development.