Front End Innovation Leadership Workshop

Where your leadership team will learn how to set up your front end innovation (FEI) system for success – including hands-on collaboration getting started identifying strategic directions and gaining alignment on your FEI game plan

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Location: Live Online August 3, 2022

Begin with the End in Mind

Eureka! Ranch has pioneered the only front end innovation (FEI) system that enables teams to consistently deliver venture-level development proposals for new products and/or services with 250% higher odds of success.  And it all starts with setting clear strategies and expectations. 

In the one-day Front End Innovation Leadership Workshop, your leadership team will get started identifying strategic directions and gaining alignment on your FEI game plan, including exploring what you need to see to confidently make development/investment decisions. 

You will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to enable your team(s) to do the work in the middle of the front-end system – creating, communicating, and vetting innovative ideas that fit your strategic direction and have higher odds of success.

Years Established

Percent Increase in innovation success rate

Live Online 1-Day Workshop


  • Innovation Engineering Overview – A high-level introduction of the system-thinking approach to innovation.
  • Strategy Activation – Connect your business strategy to your innovation strategy by getting started defining the mission and boundaries.
  • Front End Innovation (FEI) – Understand what it takes to invent and vet new business propositions with higher success rates.
  • Organizing for Success – Review best practice strategies for staffing, resourcing, and reporting structures, and plan customization for your business.
  • Business Opportunity Recommendations – Review a proven template and an exercise for creating the ideal, custom outcome for your FEI system.
  • Metrics for Innovation Decision-Making – Review best-practice metrics to customize for your business.
  • Your FEI Game Plan – Get started planning your approach for building/improving your FEI system.


    Start:  8:00am

    Mid-Morning Break

    Lunch:  11:30am – 1:00pm

    Mid-Afternoon Break

    End:  4:30pm


    Cost Per Team

    $1,000 per team of 3 – 6 people

    If you do not have a team to attend with email Info@EurekaRanch.com to learn about other training opportunities.

    If you would prefer a private session, whether online or in person, for your leadership team
    email Lydia Carson at LydiaC@EurekaRanch.com


    The approach your leaders will experience in the Front End Innovation Leadership Workshop is based on the validated processes Eureka! Ranch has used for over 35 years to help 100s of companies – from Fortune 100 to small and mid-sized – in all types of industries successfully invent, vet, and launch breakthrough new products, services, and systems.

    It’s powered by Innovation Engineering® – a proven methodology for innovation that blends the rigor, discipline, and fact-based decision-making of systems with the creative, strategic, and inspired art of big thinking.


    Who should attend?

    Leaders who participate in setting strategy and deciding which projects are approved for development.

    Why a team of 3 or more people?

    Part of the driving force for innovation speed and success is alignment at the start.  This workshop is meant to not only stretch your thinking on a productive architecture for front-end innovation but also help you align as a leadership team on what you want from it.

    Time is precious. How can I be sure the time is worth it?

    Numerous studies show that innovation goes slow and requires re-work when there’s a lack of structure and there’s lack of strategic direction and clarity.  Spending a few hours understanding how to set your teams up for success, and avoiding frustration, shaves weeks and months off of development time.

    What if we don't want to join a public program?

    It’s a very popular option to do this workshop privately for a leadership team.  It allows for more open discussion on strategy and connection to current work throughout the program.  Contact Lydia Carson at LydiaC@EurekaRanch.com to learn more.

    Do you offer this program in person?

    At this time, our public programs are only available online.  However, private programs can be delivered in person. If you are interested in a private session email Lydia Carson at LydiaC@EurekaRanch.com to learn more.

    We already have a stage-gate system for development. How is this different?

    Stage-gate, or any other system for development, is great.  This workshop is focused on the front end, increasing the quantity and quality of ideas that are introduced into your development system.  During the workshop, you’ll learn how to adapt the front-end system requirements to complement your existing process.

    What Our Clients Say

    Mark Lerner

    President & COO Gojo Industries

    Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%.


    Ilene Quilty

    Group Product Director Johnson & Johnson

    The difference between other companies and Eureka! Ranch is that you leave the Ranch with both solid strategies and fully written and illustrated concepts that support those strategies so you can turn right around and present them to the Board of Directors, executive management, etc. I’ve been very impressed with the amount of legwork the team did prior to the Eureka! Inventing session to be fully prepared for the participants and to make the most of our time at the Eureka! Ranch. Eureka! Inventing has been a fabulous investment for my division. 

    Ken Grier

    Creative Director The Macallan

    It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast-moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways…It gives you a completely holistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.