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Predicting a return from an investment is difficult and requires some estimation and forecasting. Our workshop breaks down your innovation system into parts that can be estimated with enough certainty to forecast future returns.

How do you stack up?

Every organization is different. But benchmarking your innovation investments, timing and returns versus others can reveal opportunities for improvement.
About half of the innovation leaders don’t know enough to even estimate these kinds of numbers. Getting your team together to discuss metrics drives alignment and realistic expectations.

The more successful organizations with strong innovation cultures can attribute up to 40% of their total revenue to new offerings.

Establishing where you are today is the first step to making improvements and reaching world-class standards.

Years Between Investment and Returns


of Sales Invested in Innovation


of Sales from Innovation

Answers to Your Questions

What if we don’t know enough to calculate ROI?

Rarely do teams have the concrete data they need to calculate ROI from innovation efforts. That is why we rely on various estimation and calibration techniques to get to numbers that are useful.

Who should attend the workshop?

Innovation managers, leaders, or anyone involved in innovation work can attend. Often times discussion about how your organization invests in innovation sparks ideas to do things differently. It is helpful to have a cross-section of people in the room during these conversations.

What is the outcome of the workshop?

The result is a summary of how your organization defines, invests, and benefits from innovation. Your overall forecast for Innovation ROI will be reported along with where the model has the most variance. This information enables you to better manage and predict innovation but also identifies where we need to learn more to create more accurate models.

What are the logistics?

We can run the workshop online or in person at our facility or yours.  Most organizations can complete the workshop in 3 hours, which can be done all at once or split into shorter meetings.

About Us

We have been helping established organizations innovate for 35 years. in a wide range of industries


Improving Systems, New Products & Services Innovations, Competitive Analysis


Improving systems, new product and service innovation, market research


Systems for innovation, new offerings or services, marketing


It is easy to fall into the trap of following what others have already proven to be successful. In fact companies on average focus twice as much on following than they do on leading their industries with unique offerings or processes.
The bad news is that to be successful companies actually need to completely flip that mindset and be focusing on leading twice as much as following.
The good news is that companies can change and have changed. It just starts with a willingness to try, to learn, and ask for help.
The best news is that it is fun. It is enjoyable and rewarding work that makes a difference.

It is not easy, but we have a history of success and experience enabling innovation at all types of organizations and can help you too.

Maggie Nichols

CEO, Eureka! Ranch International

Free Innovation Assessment

Don’t want to commit to a full workshop. You and your team can complete a 10-minute online survey and have results instantly.

The questionnaire measures innovation mindset, systems, culture, capabilities, and confidence.

Your report details how you compare on a percentile basis. For example, if you are in the 80th percentile that means that on this trait you score above 80% of the people in the data set. The percentiles are color-coded Green, Yellow, and Red making it easy to understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Encouragingly, your report is not static. It displays the beliefs and mindset towards innovation at this point in time. Your report reflects the culture that you work within – its values, strengths, and weaknesses when it comes to innovation. With education and application of the education, we’ve observed dramatic improvements in both individual and cultural attitudes towards innovation in just 6 months.


Assessment Responses

Our Other Services

In addition to assessing innovation ROI we offer a variety of services to improve your innovation systems, create strategies, and keep your pipeline full of exciting opportunities. 

Internal Innovation

Creating and executing ideas for working smarter and proactive problem solving.

New Product or Service Innovation

We get ideas to market 6x faster with half the risk.

Eureka! Ideas

We facilitate brainstorming and problem-solving sessions to spark hundreds of actionable ideas.

Education for a New Mindset

Learn how to innovate. While others teach theory we focus on applied learning that you can use immediately in your current role.

Innovation System Management

Evaluate and improve your innovation system by measuring value and risk for your entire pipeline.

Innovation Strategy

Set a clear mission for innovation with constraints, exploration areas, and tactical boundaries that enable project leaders to innovate while staying aligned to your strategy.

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The Innovation ROI workshop is a great place to get started and lay a foundation for innovation success.


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