Increase Value & Decrease Risk with a better Innovation System

What’s the AIM?

Our systems-driven innovation approach, called Innovation Engineering, aims to increase value and speed while decreasing risk.

Increase Value 256%

On average, our innovation systems make innovation projects 256% more valueable as they progress through development.  (versus typical systems that make innovation projects lose over half of their value in development.)


Increase Speed up to 6x

On average, an innovation project using the Innovation Engineering system successfully ships 6 times faster (vs the average corporate stage-and-gate process.)

De-Risk from 30-80%

As the system prioritizes smart risk-reduction without compromising the idea, most projects reduce 30 to 80% of the risk associated with a new innovation.

Freedom within a Framework

Innovation Engineering is a complete innovation operating system and academic field of study. 

Companies use it to as a disciplined approach for delivering innovation at every level – from everyday process improvements to disruptive breakthroughs. 

Schools (community colleges and universities) use it to teach the next generation an innovation mindset and skillset to prepare them to add value to their companies and communities.

Systems-Driven Innovation gets the best out of your business

To win in today’s marketplace a “reactive” mindset must be replaced with leadership, and leadership by definition is about proactively leading innovations in strategy, customer offerings, and how we work together to accomplish our organizational mission.
Innovation Engineering is about enabling people to take action on ideas by providing them the education, tools, and process they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Side-Effects of Innovation Engineering

You’re Leading Your Industry, not following, reacting, or fire fighting.

Your offerings are so innovative customers are willing to Pay More for them.


You're leveraging the diversity of though throughout your org

Your culture has Alignment on innovation strategy & across departments.

You generate 6X more big ideas when you brainstorm or problem solve.

You painlessly create both incremental Core ideas & Disruptive Leaps.

Your system enables testing of ideas in Seconds, Minutes, Hours.

You are implementing up to 12 ideas/employee/year.



Innovation Engineering was chosen as the name for this system as it precisely defines our purpose, mindset, and how we work.


Innovation is about ideas that are meaningfully unique.  It’s about productive imagination.  It’s about change, ideas, improvement, and working smarter. Creativity is the creation of the new and novel.  Innovation is about unique ideas that accomplish a meaningful purpose.  The purpose can be for igniting social change, changing how we work with our co-workers, or simply making a difference in people’s lives with a more effective product or service.


Engineering is about applying innovation to the real world.  It’s about discipline, system reliability,  documentation, experimentation, problem solving, and making decisions based on factual data.  The chemist studies the compositions, properties, and activity of organic and inorganic substances.  The Chemical Engineer applies the chemist’s discoveries in the real world of factories and products.

Interconnected Parts of a Complete System

Typically, organizations can handle small scale, incremental improvements through their existing systems.  However, delivering big impact, big innovation is near impossible.

Innovation Engineering is flexible by design.  It can be used to incubate disruptive innovation, to build a better front-end to your project pipeline or be applied across the entire organization to build a culture of never-ending innovation at all levels.

Results in the Short and Long Term

Typically, when an organization leverages the full strength of Innovation Engineering we use a 3-part approach to customize the system for their unique needs. 

1) Education at all levels to teach staff how to innovate

2) Distribution of access to Digital Tools through our cloud-based software, Innovation Engineering Labs,® to make it easier to create, implement and sell the innovations you create and

3) Activation through application of the skills and tools to important business problems or opportunities.

By applying the system to real projects from the start, the business gets immediate ROI from the new initiatives plus a longer-term reward of the reapplication of the skills in other areas.

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