Let’s Do New Together

Even the most conservative and risk-averse organizations can be stretched to think of out-of-the-box solutions that pave the way for a brighter future.

To do meaningful work that is new, we need to work together. This requires both breaking down silos internally and bringing in experts from outside your organization to collaborate.

What We Believe

Meaningful Uniqueness

“If you’re not unique you better be cheap.” Doing new things that make a difference is essential for the continued success of an organization.

Nothing Is Impossible

Our optimism and confidence are built on a solid foundation of having a system that allows for learning and change. We know we can figure it out, we just don’t know how many cycles it will take.

Helping Companies Innovate for Over 35 Years.

Inventors of the Innovation Engineering System.

“This is a grueling, mind-melting, confidence-shaking experience for anyone who thinks she already knows how to innovate. Know-it-alls, be prepared to be humbled.”

Tori Britton
Chief Creative Officer
Webster Atlantic Corporation

“It was the single most important learning opportunity in my professional career.”

Garth Cormier
Chief Operating Officer
Lighthouse Web Solutions

“PRACTICAL STUFF. Worth it’s weight and price 1000X over. It’s as important for companies at $1 million as at $1 billion. Credible because it’s supported with a ton of VERY HARD Data.””

Tom Peters