Mastery Course 

The Innovation Engineering Mastery Course will teach you advanced skills, systems, and tools for enabling a culture of innovation.



Orientation Meeting: This course begins with an Orientation Meeting where you will meet your Black Belt Coach. They’ll spend 30-60 Minutes introducing you to the way the course will work.

Bi-Weekly Meetups: You will meet with your cohort and instructor(s) twice a month where you will do hands-on labs assignments, ask questions and receive live feedback.

Real World Applications with Coaching: Make the learning real by applying the skills, tools, and new mindset to real business challenges. Don’t stress, you’ll have a coach to mentor you every step of the way.

Monthly Coursework: Gain confidence in your new skills through a series of individual assignments and get one on one feedback from your Black Belt Coach.  You will be given access to your online Innovation Engineering Mastery Course during your Orientation meeting.

12 Months UNLIMITED Access to JumpStartYourBrain.com: In addition to your course, you’ll have access to 130 Video Lessons on various Innovation Topics, 70+ Tools to Accelerate Innovation including a Project Management Engine and Market Research Suite.

Once you apply for the course, you will be contacted within 24 hours to get your registration rolling. Payment is required after registration is complete.


Online Coursework, Virtual Meetings, Telephone Coaching

Course Fee:

US $12,000 (you can also learn the 10 Reasons Why Eureka! Training is Worth 10X What you Pay)

The course fee includes 12 months of access to the Jump Start Your Brain innovation portal, monthly one-on-one coaching with a certified Innovation Engineering Black Belt Coach until certification is complete, and Innovation Black Belt Certification.

Payment is due in full upon registration completion.

Team Discount:

To learn more about group discounts and/or private in-person courses reach out to LydiaC@EurekaRanch.com.

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