New for 2020: Jump Start Your Brain Enterprise Learning

Addressing the #1 concern of CEOs for 2020 - the Innovation Skill Gap

If you’re not worrying about the innovation skill gap, maybe you should be.  Four separate sources cite the lack of innovation systems and skills as the #1 worry of CEOs for 2020.   Jump Start Your Brain is a collection of training content and tools to help upskill employees with the most critical life skill of the 21st century – Innovative Thinking!

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Innovation Training & Certification


We believe “being innovative” isn’t a characteristic for a precious few.  It’s an essential life skill for every human on the planet.

Whether you are a leader, a student, a new employee, an entrepreneur or a seasoned professional – you can upgrade your innovation skills.  


Innovation Engineering FUNDAMENTALS Course

Ideal for:  Everyone

LEARN:  the most essential innovation skills and get started applying them to accelerate success in your work RIGHT NOW – no matter your skills, title, or experience.

Innovation Engineering MASTERY Course

Ideal for: Innovation Leaders,  Experienced Innovators

LEARN: advanced skills, systems, and tools for enabling a culture of innovation in your team or organization.

Innovation Engineering LEADERSHIP RETREAT

Ideal for: Team or Organization Leaders

LEARN: how to lead, enable and sustain a  culture of innovation in your organization 


Innovation Engineering BLUE BELT Certification

Demonstrate your ability to Create, Communicate and Commercialize Innovation in your Work

  • Work with an expert innovation coach
  • Hands-on apply innovation skills and tools to your own real-world projects & challenges

Innovation Engineering BLACK BELT Certification

Demonstrate your ability to Build and Improve a System for Innovation in an Organization

  • Work with an expert innovation coach
  • Hands-on apply advanced innovation skills and tools to significant innovation efforts and improve innovation systems in your organization

INNOVATION workshops

How-to in 2 Hours® Innovation workshops are fun, interactive events to get your team thinking more innovatively.  Part education, part fun and 100% hands-on, these workshops are the perfect fit for offsites, conferences or lunch-n-learns as an innovation primer.

Innovation Overview

Strategy Activation

Meaningful Uniqueness

Persuasive Selling of Your Idea

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

Systems Innovation

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

Thanks to our partners and universities in the global Innovation Engineering Network, we are truely able to meet our mission to:

Change the World by enabling EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY to be more innovative.

People Trained

US dollars value of innovations created

Courses Run

From Our Clients

“It really provides you with tools and resources and a process to actually innovate.”

Rehana Absar

Sr. Associate & IE Blue Belt, Alliance for Strong Families & Communities

“We run everything through IE. We’ve been able to see improvement in efficiencies on our manufacturing floor and in our product development. We have a lot more acceleration.”

Bill Matthews

CEO & IE Black Belt, Worksite Lighting

“It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways…It gives you a completely wholistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.”

Ken Grier

Creative Director & IE Black Belt, The Edrington Group

“I think it’s one of one of the greatest systems out there for unleashing creativity, encouraging creativity, and for applying discipline on top of creativity.”

Schelli Dittman

Managing Director & IE Black Belt, Enavations

Want to hear more?  Reams and reams more?  Request a copy of the final reflections of Innovation Engineering Blue Belts and Black Belts. ( Fair Warning:  Reading their reflection of how the experience changed their life has 10x the power of a Hallmark Movie.  Have a box of tissues at the ready.)