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Today’s business world is changing at an unprecedented rate.  

Which is why Eureka!’s hallmark of inventing bold strategies, products, services & brands at super-sonic speeds is a game-changer.  It allows you to respond to the changing market demands with wow innovations that not only win customers, but they prevent competitors from following.

we help you invent big ideas for new / improved:

Products & Services

High growth companies have a full pipeline of exciting new products & services.  And we happen to specialize in creating those very things.

Fun Fact:  The average American home has 18 products or services we’ve created.

Process Improvement

Creating new products is one thing.  But if your systems are broken, you’re wasting time and energy. 

We can help by assessing your current systems, redesigning &  improving them.

New Businesses & Brands

Creating a new business or brand can catapult your business into new categories and explosive growth. 

We can help by not just envisioning the new business but forecasting it’s worth before it’s real.

Business Strategy

Deciding where & how to grow your business can be difficult when you can’t predict the future. 

We can help by not only inspiring new directions, but vetting them before you invest significant time and money.


When you have a technology you want to leverage or a space you want to own, it allows for added depth of New Product Development.  

We can help by creating a pipeline of products, services or businesses that fit your existing platforms OR creating completely new ones.



If you want to get business your competition doesn’t have, you need to not just have a disruptive edge, you have to “own” it so your competition can’t copy you.

We can help by inventing proprietary innovations that you own.

Fun Fact:  Many of our sessions include 1 or more provisional patents.  Good thing we have patent counsel on-staff.


See a session in action by watching the pro-bono work we did for Waterfields, an urban farm.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

Since 1986 we’ve been inventing big ideas for the world’s most discerning brands and businesses.  Along the way we’ve learned and walked the talk of innovation by doing original R&D on innovation methods and continuously improved our approach.




Cups Of Coffee (GIVE OR TAKE)

Every significant systemic improvement of our methodology coincides with drops in consumer confidence.  Said another way, when the world goes through a significant shift – the same methods that worked once before prove less effective.  So we adapted and re-invented our approach – leveraging past strengths and innovating new ones.

Where it all started

Our approach began in the 1980s when our founder, Doug Hall, worked at P&G.  The organization took note of his extraordinary results when they saw he launched 9 products in 12 months – a record.  In fact, it was such an astonishment that the P&G Finance Department was tapped to do an audit.  And they found that not only did Hall and his team ship, they did it in 16% of the time, 18% of the cost and 10% of the staffing.  

So in 1986, Hall took his approach out on his own – and what is known today as Eureka! Ranch and version 1.0 of Eureka! Inventing was born.

Today, thanks to constant R&D and innovation on smarter methods for innovating, we’re on version 10.0 of the Eureka! Inventing approach – helping companies and teams find, filter and fast track big ideas.




The Find stage of every project is unique.  It’s comprised of deep immersion of the challenge – gathering 6 different types of stimulus to help generate ideas. 

We then use different formats of collaborative sessions – hackathons, create sessions, remote brainstorming – to create and document meaningfully unique ideas.



What happens when you have volumes of ideas, but you don’t know what ones are the right ones to invest in?

We leverage our Merwyn Rapid Research suite to help take the guess work out of innovation decisions.  It includes concept screeners that take just hours and forecasting tools to predict just how big the “win” will be from each idea. 



With the pace of change today, you have to be able to not only invent big ideas fast, but develop and ship them at lightening speed or the opportunity might pass you by.

Our accelereated development process (a hybrid of elements of PDSA to Lean Startup & Product Developement and Agile) is key.  In fact, clients report a 6x faster speed to market using our approach.

Each project we do is as unique as the innovations we create.  In 30-minutes we can do a quick scoping of your challenge and create an innovative project design together!


Whether we’re doing a 6-hour Hackathon with 60 staff or a 6 week Accelerator Sprint to incubate a new platform and product pipeline, the underlying system at work ensures best practices are applied throughout.

Check out the photos below for a tour behind the scenes of some of the sessions across the years.

Words From a few of Our Clients

WE’VE enjoyed WORKING WITH OVER 100 TEAMS.  Below are just a few.

5 out of 6 concepts we worked on with Eureka! achieved top quintile NEILSEN scores – and one of the concepts set a new high for our company.

Product Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Eureka! has brought much needed discipline to our concept development.  They greatly enhance our probability of developing highly successful new products.  Using Merwyn makes it feel as if we are cheating!

Director of Market Research, Tropicana Products

Our thinking is the barrier to our future growth. We can talk ourselves out of any idea, but Eureka! teaches you to trust your intuition and explore new ideas. If an idea isn’t strong, the Eureka! process will help you figure it out quickly before you waste a lot of time and money. We have been making the same product for over sixty years. This experience gives us the courage to try something new!

CEO, Kreisler Industrial Corporation

Let’s Start Something new
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Drop us a line and we’ll set up a painless 30 minute exploratory call to understand your challange and sketch out a quick project plan of how we can help.  (When it comes to innovation – we’re in this together!  If we’re not a good fit, we’ll let you know that too and connect you to some other incredible partners that could!)