Innovation Engineering, as a movement, began in 2010.  However, the learning behind it and the experiments that are its foundation have been developed over the past 40 years.  The original idea for Innovation Engineering was sparked in Doug Hall, a Chemical Engineer by education, when he first learned about Dr. Deming’s work at Nashua Corporation in the early 1980s. Dr. W Edwards Deming was the American Statistician credited with helping rebuild Japan after World War II. The founder of Toyota said, “Dr. Deming is the core of our management.”

Doug applied the system approach of Deming to innovation at Procter & Gamble where he and his team set a record creating and shipping into live market tests nine innovations in twelve months.  After ten years, Doug retired from P&G and founded the Eureka! Ranch. The Ranch’s primary business has always focused on helping thought leading multi-national companies such as Nike, Walt Disney, Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, and American Express increase innovation speed and decrease risk.  

One thing that separates the Ranch from other innovation experts is a relentless focus on measurement, statistical analysis, and development of reproducible systems of innovation.  To that end, over the past 30 years the Ranch team has conducted quantitative research and live experiments on over 26,000 innovation concepts, over 15,000 teams and over 100,000 individuals during the process of creating and commercializing innovations. 

Beyond corporate work, Doug has a personal interest in helping small and mid sized companies. To accomplish this, he has published multiple best selling books, been a co-host of two national TV shows and one national radio program. In May of 2002, he and Maggie Nichols (Eureka! Ranch COO) ran the first Eureka! Ranch small business innovation program in Scotland.  It was then licensed to providers in the USA, Canada and Scotland who within a few years worked with over 300 companies. 

In 2006, Innovation Engineering was accepted as a new field of study and leadership science, with it's first course taught at the University of Maine.  Now it's taught as an undergraduate minor and major certificate program in across the US and Canada.  In 2010 it was made commercially available for individuals and companies through courses, tools and projects applying this new discipline.

The Ranch team includes statisticians, a patent lawyer, human system experts and leading edge programming experts who together develop and deliver intelligent tools and work systems that enable and empower people to take ideas to market faster and with less risk. 


Why the Name, 'Innovation Engineering'?

Innovation is about productive imagination.  

It’s about ideas with a purpose.  The purpose can be for making a profit, igniting social change or simply making a difference with our personal lives. 

Engineering is about application to the real world. 

The Chemist studies the compositions, properties and activity of organic and inorganic substances.   The Chemical Engineer applies the Chemist’s discoveries in real world of factories, production and manufacturing.
Studying Innovation Engineering does not make you an “engineer” as that is a title reserved for those who have passed the requirements set up by engineering trade associations for certification as a Professional Engineer.  

Innovation Engineering teaches and applies discipline, problem solving, experimentation and systems thinking.  



Doug Hall


Doug Hall

Much of the work of Innovation Engineering has been pioneered by Eureka! Ranch CEO and Founder, Doug Hall.  Doug has written a number of award winning business books on Innovation.  His next book, Innovation Engineering, is due out in Summer 2017.



A Proven Method For Increasing Creativity 500%

Jump Start Your Brain is a fun, inspiring and insightful how-to look at maximizing your brain's power and putting productive creativity to work for you.

"Required reading. Hall reveals how you can retrain your brain to think of more creative ideas. The book is funny and packed with anecdotes." - Entrepreneur Magazine


Win More - Lose Less & Make More Money with Your Sales, Marketing & Innovation Efforts

Jump Start Your Business Brain details six principles for measurably improving your marketing and innovation success rates.These principles are the core religion that Doug and his Eureka! Team leverage when working with the big guys-companies like Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay and Bank of America.

However, the little guys and non-profits can leverage them as well. In fact, the book cites real cases of small business owners who've realized a 10 to 50% increase in sales as a result of applying the six principles.



Truths, Tactics & Techniques For Measurable Success

This book is a DEEP DIVE into the complex world of sales and marketing. It's for those with a genuine commitment to measurably improving their success rate.

It was originally published in hardcover as Meaningful Marketing. The book won critical acclaim but its “academic style” prevented it from reaching the mass audience of Jump Start Your Business Brain. A comprehensive redesign and rewrite has added caffeinated energy as well as even more meaningful advice and ideas for improving your sales and marketing success rates.


How People Get from Fear to Freedom - and How You can Too

Making the Courage Connection is a look at courage, through an inspiring blend of essays and real-life profiles of people with the gumption to live their lives to the fullest.

"It takes courage to live in our world today. Making the Courage Connection tells, in an interesting and dramatic way, how one can make life worth living by taking control." - Ruth Stafford Peale, widow of Norman Vincent Peale, Author The Power Of Positive Thinking