Award Winning Innovation!

How the innovators innovated

We just received the 2020 Goering Center Family & Private Business Award for our innovative response to the pandemic. 

The key to our success was already knowing how to innovate and having a systems for innovation. This allowed us to pivot fast from in-person training and consulting to online and to accelerate development of the Jump Start Your Brain Innovation Hub where you can learn and apply innovation skills.

Eureka! Ranch is ready to help you innovate with education, tools and inventing services. 


“This is like the innovation Olympics right now. This is the moment. If you thought innovation was optional before, get in line, because it’s not. And so, we practice what we preach. .

Maggie Nichols


How You Can Innovate Like The Innovators.

Online Training Course & Certification

In this course and certification you’ll learn the fundamentals of innovation, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you’ll work with a coach to apply your new skills immediately to solve your real-world challenges.

Free Innovation Jump Start Kit

Whether you are looking to invent big ideas to transform your business or incremental ideas to continuously grow, we can help. Let us mail you a kit (while supplies last) to get started with no risk. We are confident that our systemic approach to innovation can help your company grow and will customize a solution for you.

Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Eureka! Winning Ways is a disciplined inventing process for developing Measurably Smarter Choices for Growth.

Create 8 times more ideas than traditional brain storming and make them real 5 times faster.