1.5-Day Ideation Event • 4 Concept Screening Tests • Accelerated Action Planning

Eureka! Winning Ways

a disciplined process for developing


Measurably Smarter Choices for Growth.

Innovation Training Program

The Most Run Inventing Session On Earth Is Back!

Eureka! Winning Ways has been helping established companies grow their business since 2007. We took a break to focus on more systemic and long term approaches to innovation, but now there is an urgent need for growth and Eureka! Winning Ways is the best option for fast results.

Eureka! Winning Ways is a disciplined system for growing your business. It is a 1-day inventing session focused on creating realistic and actionable ideas for incremental growth. We then screen the ideas to focus on the ones with the best odds of success. Next, your team gets focused and aligned on an action plan for success. We help you explore options, do the numbers and identify death threats. The result is a step by step plan for growth.  

Why Focus on Growth Now?

Right now 6 out 10 companies need ideas for cost savings and 8 out 10 need ideas for growing sales.
Our goal for you is continuous growth by introducing several incremental ideas systemically over time. Eureka! Winning Ways is the perfect way to get started and see results fast.

What is in it for you:

8x More Ideas

Unlike “wild and wacky”
brainstorming – Eureka! is about discipline,
focus and thinking smarter about growth.

Quantitative Research

 Identify best choices for growth based on odds of success and value to your business.


6x Faster

A disciplined learning focused process that helps you develop ideas for growth more effectively &

Jump Start Your Team

Jump Start your thinking with access to additional training and resources.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.



  • Ways to reduce cost
  • Possible system or process changes
  • Actionable ideas for working smarter


  • New Products
  • New Services
  • Technically Feasible 
  • Creates Customer Pull


  • New Markets
  • New Business Models
  • Ways to pivot your existing business 

PLUS 30-day access to Jump Start Your Brain

Badge Courses

The Eureka! Ranch team has been named among America’s top innovators by CNN, CBC, Inc Magazine and others. The average American home uses over 18 products or services that the Eureka! Ranch has helped invent or reinvent

Why THIS brain storming IS different

When it comes to innovation, we’ve been around a LONG time.  We worked in innovation before it was popular.  Before it was a buzz word.  We’ve seen trends come and go.  We’ve seen real breakthroughs, real struggles to make something substantial happen.  

But make no mistake, just because we’re “seasoned” it doesn’t make us stale.  As any good innovation would, we’ve evolved – dramatically.  Our create sessions are grounded in data and we follow processes that are proven to generate actionable ideas for your business. 

World leaders in business and innovation who’ve used these methods include: Walt Disney, Nike, Pepsi-Cola, American Express, Procter & Gamble, US Department of Commerce and thousands of others.


1. Before the Session: Customization for Your Unique Situation.  
A ~2-hour meeting gathers insights. An online survey measures your team’s “readiness to create & execute growth ideas.” 
2. The Ideation Session: Your Team Works Together on Growth.  
In a one day session, your team simultaneously engineers your customer promise product AND product reality. Ideas are developed for:
1) more effective sales messages,
2) new customers or markets &
3) new or improved products or services as research finds these are the richest areas to explore for growth.  Teams typically create over 50 ideas and narrow to 2 quick hit and 2 big impact ideas.  
3. Concept Testing
2 of the ideas are then validated in concept research to give you a prediction of in-market success. 
4. Accelerated Planning Session.
In a ~3 hour session, your team works together to develop a step-by-step action plan for turning the top growth ideas into reality. Importantly, the process reduces risk while it also accelerates time to market.

In Person

online innovation workshop


Remote Accelerated Development

What Others are Saying Eureka! Winning Ways

Hilarie Meyer of Campbell Hausfeld says
It gave us a new focus on the end user and on
making our products different. The result is a
projected $12 million in new sales this year and
nearly 3 times that amount down the line.

Bruce Boxterman of Richards Ind. says
We went from the Eureka! Winning Ways
session to launching a new product line in just
over four months that’s delivered millions.

Sam Pratt of Rockland Manufacturing says
The most complete growth process we’ve ever

Craig Kurz of the HoneyBaked Ham says
The ideas developed were so effective they
doubled our sales this past holiday season!

CJ Buck of Buck Knives says
Eureka! opened up new market opportunities for us which could grow our company by 400%.
You’d be a fool not to do it.

Richard Powell of Brunson Instruments says
The program helped us get focused, so rather
than just constantly talking, we’re actually
taking 3 products to market.

Gary Marmer of Questech says
With our first idea from (Eureka! Winning
Ways), we could triple the size of our business.

Start Innovating Your new future