If you’ve landed here that makes you a VIP in our book!  So we’ve gathered up some of our favorite freebies and recommendations just for you – to help you find, filter and fast track big ideas.


One-Hour Abridged Audio 

Doug Hall’s new book, Driving Eureka!, teaches you problem-solving with Data-Driven methods and the Innovation Engineering System.  It’s also the cornerstone methodology that helps us find, filter and fast track Big Ideas for any challenge.

Driving Eureka!

by Doug Hall | One-Hour Abridged Audio

02:: LEARN

Innovation Prescription for Success

The Innovation Prescription for success is an honest, confidential assessment of your unique innovation strengths. It will also provide you with ideas and advice for how to grow your ability to innovate.

The report and advice is based on 35 years of research. Their innovation success database includes data from over 35,000 innovators and over $17 billion worth of innovations.

03:: WATCH

On-Demand Video lessons

Previously-recorded webinars, virtual classes, tools and instructions – we’ve got a little library of innovation “micro-lessons” you can sample from our experts and educators.