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Managing Innovation is not an easy task. Projects are always evolving, which makes it difficult to stay up to date and lead. Plus teams constantly need training to keep their skills up to date and be productive. Other project management software can’t handle the uncertainty of innovation and do not provide the necessary tools and training to be successful. 

Having been innovation practitioners for 40 years, we’ve seen the results of having incredible tools at your disposal.  We’ve also seen the effects of being limited by tools and systems that are lacking.

If you want your team to think innovatively then you need to teach them how. Creativity can be taught. We are confident that if anyone is willing, we can make them able with our innovation courses.

If you want your team to act innovatively, you should enable them with tools that make it easy. Success and growth from innovation requires change and there will be resistance and set backs along the way. Equipping the team with tools for creative problem solving and systems for innovation dramatically reduce your risk.

    Your Company’s Innovation Hub for training, tools, and project management.

    Making it easy to work Smarter, Faster & More Innovatively. 

    structure + tools 

    When it comes to managing innovation, it’s about setting a strategy and keeping all efforts aligned and working towards your mission. Your software needs to have the structure to keep projects aligned, but also allow flexibility for exploration within the boundaries.

    Our Innovation Pipeline is organized by the organization’s strategic mission, so each project clearly aligns with the organization’s goal. Also each project has a value, so leadership knows both how many projects are working towards the goal and how much value potential those projects can produce.

    There is a lot of uncertainty when working on innovation projects, your team needs the ability to run experiments and document what they are learning. That is why we have the option to add cycles of learning to any milestone or task in the project plan. This way when someone is assigned a task that they don’t know how to complete, then can learn more instead of stalling the entire project.

    Tools that enable innovation

    Creative Ideation

    To spark meaningfully  unique ideas we leverage stimulus and diversity.  We have tools that work for all thinking styles that can create any size idea needed..

    Here are some examples of the types of tools we use to create, communicate and commercialize innovations.

    Concept Testing

    Surveys and other market research tools make it easy to compare ideas or products. Learn which ideas have the best odds of success and why and with what customers.

    Value Calculators

    Tools that model variance rather than ignore it when calculating and forecasting values – including instant calculators and forecasting tools to help you estimate cost, impact, sales and more.


    From ideation to product development, we help people work together in the most efficient ways possible. This includes systems, roles and work flows that emphasis decision making and growth over  


    6x Faster Commercialization

    Increase speed going from idea to commercialization by using project plans that avoid bureaucracy and tools that allow teams to learn more and adapt when stuck. 

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