Reigniting Disruptive Innovation
in Your Organization

Last month a study of nearly 50 million patents and academic discoveries found that DISRUPTIVE Innovation has declined by 92% over the past 40 years. In this webinar by Eureka! Ranch, founder Doug Hall will teach you what he and the Ranch team have learned over their 100,000 hours of experience with DISRUPTIVE Innovation.

Doug will teach you the art and science of…

  • How to reignite support for DISRUPTIVE Innovation in today’s risk adverse corporate world
  • How to start up and accelerate DISRUPTIVE innovations that send fear into the hearts of your competitors
  • How to get your Finance department to be cheerleaders for DISRUPTIVE Innovation projects
  • How to modify your corporate Stage Gate process to be supportive of DISRUPTIVE Innovations
  • How to modify your market research systems and standards to enable DISRUPTIVE Innovations

Most important of all Doug will show you how to make innovation fun again. His teachings are illustrated with stories of how he and the Ranch team have created the nation’s 10th largest bourbon distillery in just a few years – using DISRUPTIVE Innovation.


Eureka! Ranch

About Us

Helping Established Organizations Do New & Meaningful Work

Established in 1986, the Eureka! Ranch is known for its big ideas. When organizations realize that doing the same old stuff isn’t going to cut it anymore, they come to the Eureka! Ranch with their challenges and leave with an abundance of unique solutions and possibilities.
The Eureka! Team not only gets people to invent big, disruptive ideas,
but also give them the courage and skills to take action.

Their success is based on a scientific and data-grounded approach to creativity and innovation.  Change is difficult, but not impossible, and with Eureka! Ranch’s system, change can become reliable and repeatable.

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