At the Innovation Engineering Quick Start™ course you will learn the fundamentals of Innovation Engineering but MORE IMPORTANTLY you will apply the learning to start working smarter on your current work. 

How it a 90 second video


This course is based on the 12 core skills that make up the
Innovation Engineering Curriculum on and off UNIVERSITY campusES.  


  1. Meaningful Uniqueness 
  2. Stimulus & Diversity
  3. Exploring Stimulus
  4. Create Sessions 1.0


  1. Strategy Activation - Blue Card
  2. Concept Writing - Yellow Card
  3. Concept Improvement
  4. Estimating Concept Value


  1. PDSA Plan, Do, Study, Act
  2. PDSA - Best Practices
  3. PDSA - Concept Prototypes
  4. PDSA - Functional Prototypes

With these skills you'll be able to:

  • Write an innovation project mission that will inspire great ideas.
  • Create 8x more big ideas than brainstorming.
  • Increase the persuasive power of your ideas by up to 5X.
  • Deliver results up to 6X faster using a New Innovative Work Process.
  • Jump Start innovation in your job instantly using a cloud-based innovation software suite for 3 months following the course.


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Before attending the IE Quick Start you use your private Innovation Engineering Labs portal to complete 33 short digital classes on the fundamentals of how to create, communicate and commercialize meaningfully unique solutions to your challenges. 

Eureka! Ranch


The 2 in class days of the course make the digital learning real.  Hands on and interactive experiences cover the content of the Innovation Engineering Fundamentals course taught on university campuses in a way that is relevant to your work.     

Eureka! Ranch Client Presentation


You will apply the new mindset, systems and tools to your challenges.  You define your challenge, apply your new tools to think deeper, create solutions, define them and get qualitative and quantitative feedback on your ideas to make them smarter - very fast. 



During the 60 days after the session, complete your coursework and real world application project to achieve Innovation Engineering Blue Belt certification.  Your private Innovation Engineering Labs portal makes this painless, as it lets you easily connect with your classmates, your instructors, and others using advanced project management, collaboration, and creative tools. 


Self Reported Growth in Ability to Create, Communicate & Commercialize Innovations


Surveys document it.  Participants mention it.  But sometimes nothing's better than hearing it from someone who's been through it before.

I think it’s one of one of the greatest systems out there for unleashing creativity, encouraging creativity, and for applying discipline on top of creativity.
— Schelli Dittman, Managing Director, Enavations (Non-Profit Consultancy)

I see excitement from people. Before (employees said) ‘I’m going to come to work. I’m going to work on this project. And that would be it.’ Now, you just hear the chitter-chatter. And the best thing is you hear them talking about projects we’re not working on, saying, ‘Hey, I was thinking about this the other weekend. This would be really neat if we could do...’ It’s getting excitement within the organization - we see that we’re going somewhere.
— Jim Hlebovy, Manager of Product Engineering, Gebauer Company

Innovation Engineering makes it possible to have an impact. It is extremely practical in how it approaches (innovation)... It’s not easy work. But it’s fun work because you’re energized about it.
— Jeff McCurrah, VP of Marketing & Innovation


All courses are facilitated and run by certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts.

watch the first digital class


While most of the digital classes are approximately 5 minutes long, this first class in the series teaches participants the what, how and why of the Innovation Engineering Quick Start Course.


Where and when

Innovation Engineering Quick Start Courses are run privately for organizations looking to teach employees how to infuse innovation into their work.  They are also run as Open Enrollment course at The Eureka! Ranch, home of Innovation Engineering and other location around the globe.

Please, note that each open enrollment Quick Start held at Eureka! Ranch must have 16 registered attendees 4 weeks in advance of day 1 to move forward.  If your class is not full we will reach out to you about rescheduling.

Contact us to learn more about a private event for your team, division and/or organization:

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 Innovation Engineering Quick Start Tuition: $3,497 USD.

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