The Planet Eureka! Foundation leads community outreach for Brain Brew Whiskey and The Eureka! Ranch.

Community programs include:

Planet Eureka! Hand Sanitizer Donations

Our Brain Brew Whiskey team have manufactured, bottled and donated tens of thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer.

Our mission is to change the world through systems that enable everyone to think smarter, faster & more innovatively. And if today isn’t a moment to rise to that challenge – we don’t know what is. We hope you’ll join us on this innovative learning journey to build a better way forward for all of us.
Introducing the Free Innovation Stimulus Package– a free self-paced online course & ideas for how you can think smarter, faster and more innovatively.

Great Aspirations! – Free Parent Program

This audio program helps parents inspire their children. It was developed in collaboration with Dr. Russ Quaglia.


Lake Barber, Newtown Ohio

Donation of the money and land that allowed the creation of Lake Barber Park by the Village of Newtown, Ohio.