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Where leadership teams see, feel, and experience what it takes to craft an organization that lives and breathes innovation

At the 1.5-day Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat you’ll see, feel, and experience the latest world-class systems and tools that increase innovation speed (up to 6X) and decrease risk (30 to 80%), AND we’ll work with your leadership team to accelerate activation of your business strategies.

It’s great learning and a lot of fun. Even if you’ve been here before, come back to learn what’s new and bring your team! It’s perfect for team-building and helping you gain leadership alignment on where your organization is headed.


7:30am   Breakfast and Meet & Greet
8:00am   Welcome to Eureka! Ranch – Why are we here?

Before Lunch:

  • Systems that Enable Speed to Market Success: Data, research, and a live experiment validate before your very eyes the power of applying systems thinking to innovation.

  • Innovation Success Through Alignment: Learn a simple system for creating the three alignments: 1) Strategic Alignment, 2) Departmental Alignment, and 3) Team Alignment.

  • Turbo Charging Brainstorming by 700%: Learn the two secrets for transforming the effectiveness of your personal and professional ability to create ideas to problem solve challenges.

  • Driving Out Fear with Systematic Communication: Learn to use writing as a system for thinking deeper about your ideas to say with clarity what your idea is and why anyone should care about it.

12:30pm   Lunch

After Lunch:

  • Driving Out Compromising on BIG IDEAS During Development: Learn to use Simultaneous Engineering and Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of learning, resulting in ideas growing 28% in value during development.

  • Accelerating Collaboration: Learn the principles that enable the full potential of employee-driven ideas and how a high performance collaboration system enables every employee to contribute and help implement ideas.

  • Accelerating Quantitative Customer Research: Learn how advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, Monte-Carlo “risk adjusted” sales forecasting and rapid testing systems transform decision speed and learning cycles.

  • Accelerating Patent ROI: Patents are made painless and easy – easy to find free ideas, easy to buy patents cheap, and easy to write provisional patent applications.

6:00pm    For events conducted at Eureka! Ranch, you can experience Happy Hour at the on-site Threshfield’s Pub stocked with the best whiskeys, local microbrews, and world class wine. DINNER INCLUDED


7:30am   Breakfast

8:00am   START IT UP – NOW!  On day 2 you get a hands on experience applying innovation to your world through a rapid fire sample Innovation Engineering Strategy Activation session.

12:30pm   Lunch & Dismissal


The cost to attend a public Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat is $995 per person.  The sample Strategy Activation Session on day 2 is intended for leadership teams, so a minimum of 2 leaders is recommended. Teams of 4+ are ideal.  .

For a list of upcoming public sessions use the button below:

Innovation Engineering Leadership Programs can also be customized for your specific needs.  Perfect for leadership off-sites and annual meetings, an event can be:

  • Anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days

  • Conducted with 5 to 100+ participants

  • Conducted at the purpose-built Eureka! Ranch facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, or anywhere else in the world

  • Designed to cover any combination of the 48 skills that make up the Innovation Engineering Body of Knowledge

  • Structured to fit any budget

Email LydiaC@EurekaRanch.com to learn more about a private Innovation Engineering Leadership Retreat for your company or team.


“Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%.”

Mark Lerner

Chief Operating Officer, GOJO Industries

“What makes Innovation Engineering different is that it’s clear that the methods and tools taught are crafted by people who’ve actually done it. It’s clear, it’s documented, it’s reliable, it works.”

Mike Sirois

Chief Innovation Officer, High Liner Foods

“It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways…It gives you a completely wholistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.”

Ken Grier

Creative Director, The Edrington Group