Innovation Talks, Workshops, Courses & Certification

High Impact Delivery, Learning and Application

Eureka! ranch is famous for “Eureka with an Exclamation Point” ideas and experiences. Whether it’s a talk delivered to a 1,000 person audience, a workshop for a small to large group, a course for team or coaching for a future leader – every experience with Eureka! delivers on 3 things:

  1.  Meaningfully Unique Content that’s 100% relevant to you and your challenges.
  2. Captivating Delivery that ensures every moment is engaging.
  3. Actionable Outcomes that last well after the experience.



Entertainment with
Real Takeaways

Talks give you a “10 out of 10” on content and delivery. Every one is custom to your needs & audience.


Hands on
Innovation Application

Workshops will WOW your team and/or audience with content and takeaways they can apply immediately.

Leadership Retreat exposes you to the latest world-class systems to increase innovation speed, decrease risk & activate your business strategies.

Video Workbook is a DIY innovation education program that you can run as a lunch-n-learn or breakfast sessions with any group.


Learn & Apply
Innovation Skills

Fundamentals Course our most popular course that teaches you innovation life skills that apply to everyone.

Online Fundamentals Course an entirely ONLINE version of our popular Fundamentals Course.

Mastery Course teaches you advanced skills to help your entire organization innovate every day.


Proof You
Know Your Stuff

Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification is for everyone no matter your position or title.

Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification is for innovation practitioners, current & future leaders.