Innovation RIO Best Practices 

Understanding Innovation ROI isn’t about convincing more to innovate. People agree that innovation is important and their companies should be accelerating unique ideas. However, few know just how much financial investment innovation requires to generate enough new revenue or savings to continually grow sales and profitability.

Learn the importance of defining innovation along with the biggest financial investments companies make in innovation. We will also compare different innovation strategies and how they affect growth, culture, and ROI. Then complete the survey to contribute to the ongoing research efforts. Also, all the answers to the questions entered into the chat during the meeting can be found here.


Eureka! Ranch

About Us

Helping Established Organizations Do New & Meaningful Work

Established in 1986, the Eureka! Ranch is known for its big ideas. When organizations realize that doing the same old stuff isn’t going to cut it anymore, they come to the Eureka! Ranch with their challenges and leave with an abundance of unique solutions and possibilities.
The Eureka! Team not only gets people to invent big, disruptive ideas,
but also give them the courage and skills to take action.

Their success is based on a scientific and data-grounded approach to creativity and innovation.  Change is difficult, but not impossible, and with Eureka! Ranch’s system, change can become reliable and repeatable.

Webinar Presented By

Greg Lemmon is a statistician and web developer with over a decade of successful experience inventing and developing innovations and doing cutting-edge market research in the field of innovation. Greg specializes in research and development for systems that enable innovation. In addition to leading research efforts for the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute, Greg assists innovation leaders at other companies with the design of experiments, data analysis, and their innovation systems.
Greg has successfully shipped new innovations for improving creativity, marketing, sales forecasting, market research, project management and even blending bourbon. By leveraging data-grounded research, Greg has also successfully stopped thousands of innovation projects that were risky or of low potential value to the organization.

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Follow a proven process for estimating ROI

1. Define Scope & Levels of Innovation

2. Define & Estimate Investments in Innovation and returns from Innovation

3. Model & Forecast ROI. Create alternative scenarios to plan strategies.