Innovation Certification with a Tangible Return on Your Investment

This is NOT your typical course. Most innovation courses are taught by case study, where you sit on the sidelines and guess what went wrong/right for X business in Y situation. We believe that the best learning comes first-hand from getting your hands dirty and from trying things and from working on your own challenges. This not only helps you learn, but it also ensures you get value out of the course immediately.

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Get 2/3 Reimbursement on Your Course Fee

Application Deadline: June 30th at 3pm ET

This course is the only innovation credential that qualifies for reimbursement through Ohio’s TechCred program. If you’re at any level or in any industry – this course and funding applies to you.  And thanks to the state, you can get $2,000 in reimbursement per employee, up to $30,000 per employer per application period. But you’ll need to act fast! The application period closes June 30, 2021.


Learners get started in the course by completing the Welcome to Innovation Engineering® introductory lesson, where they will learn how to navigate the course page and submit assignments. The materials and work go as follows:


Video Micro-Lessons for the 13 core Innovation Engineering skills. From our 35+ years of experience innovating for some of the world’s biggest organizations, we’ve found these to be the fundamental core innovation skills every person should have. Videos last on average about 7 minutes and are followed by up to three multiple-choice quiz questions, which learners must complete successfully as the first step of the Cycles to Mastery process before moving on to the Lab Exercises.



Reflection to step back and personally reflect on what they have learned during this course. We ask that they submit a “significant” reflection, meaning that their writing needs to communicate a deeper level of thought, insight, and analysis than just restating what they did. This helps ensure they will continue to apply what they’ve learned in their work.


Lab Exercises where learners will apply what they learned in the videos to case studies to bring the theory to life.  They’ll complete and submit their work and receive grading and expert coaching from their instructor.  When learners are applying these skills for the first time, they sometimes fail.  (A good lesson for all would-be innovators!)  This is why our instructors are there to give fast feedback, ideas, insights, and advice


Certification is achieved when all of their work is approved 100% within the course duration.  No “certification” test is needed.  That’s what we mean by Cycles to Mastery.  Innovation Engineering instructors will ensure that students have mastered the fundamental skills of Innovation Engineering


Applications where learners will apply their learning to a real-world challenge.  When it comes to learning and innovation, it all happens when you take action.  This is why we’ve created a collection of certification assignments that help learners connect the dots between real-world challenges and their new innovation skills.  Again, instructors provide one-on-one grading and coaching as learners submit, receive feedback, adjust, and resubmit assignments until all are approved.


Throughout their course experience, students will get to leverage our JumpStartYourBrain cloud-based learning portal with bespoke innovation tools that they’ll use during their coursework.


Do I apply for TecCred before registering for training?

Yes, the first step is to apply for TechCred funding. After you receive the confirmation that you have been approved then you register for IE Fundamentals + Blue Belt Certification.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone that wants to start improving their sphere of influence, no matter their background or expertise.

The groups we tend to see more often are rising leaders, engineers & logical thinkers, and organizations trying to create a culture of innovation.

How long will it take to become certified?

We recommend you spend 30 minutes per day working on the course. Based on that you can expect it to take 2 months to complete the course or 3 months for the course and certification.

If I finish my certification within 6 months do I lose access to the tools & training?

No, you have access to the full suite of tools and software for 6 months regardless of when, or if, you finish the course and certification.

What topics will I work on during my application assignments?

You can work on anything that’s meaningful to you. Some topics that have been tackled by previous students are: a system to reduce errors in a woodworking shop, an improved system for gathering ideas & filing patents, and a reinvented construction & visioning for a new community center. 

What is the difference between online & in-person training?

The same material is covered in all versions of the course. 

In-person is currently only delivered for teams of  8 or more and is taught at an accelerated pace  If you are a team that lives by the demands of your calendars, scheduling it in often helps make it happen!

The online cohort course is a great choice when you don’t have a travel budget, but still want to work together while weaving the learning into your regular work. 

The online individual course is on-demand and can be started at any time.

What is the cost for this course?

IE Fundamentals + Blue Belt Certification is $3,000 per participant. Ohio TechCred will provide a $2,000 reimbursement after the participant completes certification. Bringing the cost to $1,000.


“Going into this course I admit that I was a skeptic. I, perhaps unfairly, tend to view most programs and courses that promise to do things like “turbocharge your creativity” or “10X your innovation decision making” with a wary eye. Part of it seems too good to be true and I tend to question the creator’s motivations. And the other aspect is that I often look at things like innovation and creativity as an innate skill. You have it or you don’t. And if you have it, then it should be a matter of simply having an idea or brainstorming to solve whatever problem you’re having. Going through this course and implementing the application activity in my real-life work setting proved that I was wrong. Innovation is a skill that can be learned, honed, and practiced.”

“First of all, it is probably one of the most challenging courses I’ve ever taken online and it has been the most rewarding.

Secondly, Brad has given me such insightful comments on how I can improve my assignments that it has made the challenges even more worthwhile.”

“I have really enjoyed the course and I am changing how I think and tackle new problems on a daily basis. The initial payment that I made is a small investment for a lifetime of more efficient thinking and problem-solving.”

The Innovation Engineering process is one of the best methodologies that I have seen thus far. There are many methodologies out there, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, etc. which originate from the same philosophy as Innovation Engineering – the one where creativity and innovation originate from customer centricity and solving real problems iteratively. However, the part that made Innovation Engineering stand out for me was the structured approach of tying innovation to business strategy.


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