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Great brain storming meetings generate an abundance of ideas and possibilities, but too often ideas are lost or not clearly communicated.

By storing the ideas online, everyone can access all the ideas at anytime to take an idea forward.

Also the system can organize and analyze the the ideas into piles and identify trends that impact business strategy.

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Idea Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

We start with the end in mind. By knowing what output we want from a brain storming session we can customize the road map to get us there.

Then we give the team members a framework for communicating their ideas that moves them towards our objective without constraining their creativity. 

a common framework for communicating ideas is

  • Name
  • News Headline
  • Customer
  • Problem
  • Promise
  • Proof (how it might work)
  • Price

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Competitive Analysis

Strategic Planning

Front End Innovation Systems

Ideation and brain storming

Project Acceleration

Market Research

Online Project management

Education and Training

Process Improvements

Tools for everyday innovation

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What We Can Do For You

Before the brain storming session gets started we can go deeper on the challenge and learn more. This allows us to bring new information to the team as stimulus to spark even more unique ideas.

Without bias, we take an honest look at the market and your competitors to find real differences that matter to customers. We can search IP to find trends and technologies. We can bring in ideas from other industries and data trends. We can use market research to test current ideas so we know whether to avoid them or build them up more.   

Market Competitors

Identify the competitors and offerings

Intellectual Property

Explore technology, patents and trademarks

Stretch Ideas

Gain insights from other industries, trends, data or bring unrelated stimulus

Learning Cycles

Research to test problems and ideas and learn more

From Our CEO

Make Your Own Opportunities

It is easy to fall into the trap of following what others have already proven to be successful. In fact companies on average focus twice as much on following than they do on leading their industries with unique offerings or processes.
The bad news is that to be successful companies actually need to completely flip that mindset and be focusing on leading twice as much as following.
The good news is that companies can change and have changed. It just starts with a willingness to try, to learn, and ask for help.
The best news is that it is fun. It is enjoyable and rewarding work that makes a difference.

It is not easy, but we have a history of success and experience enabling innovation at all types of organizations and can help you too.


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If hiring us is outside your budget, considering learning how to do it yourself with one of our innovation training courses.

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