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How Small And MidSize Enterprises Innovate

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Innovation Help is too focused on start-ups and large companies.
We believe everyone needs help innovating and have a validated system that works for small and mid-size companies.

Start with Workshops or Training

Leadership Workshops

Create realistic strategies that allow your company to be proactively leading your industry rather than reactively following. We work with leadership to create strategies with clear missions and boundaries.

Inventing Workshops

Jump start your business by inventing 100s of ideas for new products, services or system improvements. All inventing efforts are focused on your strategy and can be customized to fit into your schedule and timelines.

Applied Skills Training

Your team doesn’t have any time to spare. That is why are trainings have each student apply what they are learning to their organizations current challenges. This way no time is wasted and organization get tangible ROI on training.

free audiobook & advice

Take our quick innovation assessment and get instant access to the full Driving Eureka! audiobook along with advice from one of our experts on ways to address your innovation hurdles.

Maggie Nichols

CEO, Eureka! Ranch & Innovation Engineering Institute, enabling everyone to think and act more innovatively.

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