Discover Hidden Funding to Make Your Team Innovative!

Learn about one of Ohio’s most popular innovation and problem-solving certification programs (and how you can get state funding for it.)

Leaders at Ohio companies like Permatex, Cintas, American Modern Insurance Group, and many more have discovered a way to 1) grow their business, 2) train their teams in problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking 3) do team-building and 4) build an innovative culture all from one program – and getting up to $180,000 in funding from the state to do it.

During this webinar you’ll learn:
• how the program works
• how to get funding for your team
• who qualifies

If you lead a team of 8 or more in any of the following areas – this webinar is for you! Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Operations, Supply Chain, Innovation, Product Development, Customer Service, Research, Analytics, Finance, Leadership, Management, HR, and Manufacturing.

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Since 1986 our team of professional inventors, innovation systems consultants, and educators have helped over 2,000 organizations innovate.   

What makes us unique is our systems-driven approach to innovation that delivers viable innovation faster and with less risk.

Our team of diverse thinkers consists of engineers, educators, innovators, programmers, marketers, scientists, operators, artists, statisticians, PhDs, R&D experts, entrepreneurs, and six-sigma black belts.

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