Are you and your team ready to change the game, change the rules, change your world?

The Eureka! Ranch + Brain Brew Custom WHISKeY present

Driving Eureka!

A One Day Experience

A Once In A Lifetime Experience on  how to enable innovation to become
Of the People,  By the People and For the People!

Driving Eureka! is not about high theory – rather it’s a collection of practical step-by-step methods for enabling everyone, no matter what their job level or education – to be able to think smarter, faster and more innovatively. 


Dollars in Active Innovation Projects


Driving Eureka! Schedule

MORNING  University Grade COURSE

Where you learn the latest science on INNOVATION SYSTEMS

8:00 am

Scope and Expectations

9:00 am

The science of CREATIVITY a step by step system for creating and problem solving.

10:00 am

The data on to COMMUNICATE & EVALUATE Innovation Ideas Effectively

11:00 am

How to use Data and Cycles of Learning to ACCELERATE Innovation projects

12:00 pm

Food Provided

AFTERNOON: Application Lab

Where you work in teams of 2 or 3 teams invent new Bourbon Whiskey Brands•

1:00 PM
Create Session

Where you experience the THEORY from the Morning in Action

2:00 PM
Product Invention 

You use the professional system whiskey makers use to invent products

2:45 PM
Package Invention

You use the Rapid Prototyping system whiskey makers use

3:30 PM
Cycles of Learning

Adapting Product + Package to Create Synergy

4:00 PM
Test Time

Your Idea goes out for quantitative testing with consumers

5:00 PM
Pitch Time

Master Whiskey Makers Judge Product + Consumer Data Reported

6:00 PM
Medal Ceremony


All programs are personally run by Doug Hall – Owner and Founder of Eureka! Ranch and Brain Brew Custom Whisk(e)y and author of Driving Eureka!, the book upon which the program is based.

Driving Eureka! IS NOT a program about specialist innovation “gurus.”

Driving Eureka! IS about Innovation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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