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LEARNING MINDSET: Communicate System


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Doug Hall

Apply the learning from the book to your innovation challenge and business right now!

The Driving Eureka! Video Workbook is a companion to Driving Eureka!, Problem-Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System. This video workbook will bring to the book to life and take you step-by-step, applying the new learning to your real work challenges.

It’s incredibly simple, focused, and easy to incorporate into your day.

    Chapter Excerpt

    Communicate Is the Secret to Being Greate at Create and Commercialize

    Create and Commercialize generate the most excitement when students learn about Innovation Engineering courses. However, among those who practice Innovation Engineering, Communicate is acknowledged as the most powerful way to improve their ability to Create and Commercialize.

    • Communicate skills transform “Create” idea fragments into persuasive ideas and enable “Commercialize” teams to pivot, adapt, and align on clear and focused business opportunities.

    • Communicate skills turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary concepts.

    • Communicate skills give focus to rapid “Plan, Do, Study, Act” cycles of learning.

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