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Apply the learning from the book to your innovation challenge and business right now!

The Driving Eureka! Video Workbook is a companion to Driving Eureka!, Problem-Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System. This video workbook will bring to the book to life and take you step-by-step, applying the new learning to your real work challenges.

It’s incredibly simple, focused, and easy to incorporate into your day.

    Chapter Excerpt

    94% Is the System, 6% Is the Worker

    It is very frustrating to be the leader of a department, division, or company and not be optimistic or confident in the organization’s ability to innovate. Or said another way—to not feel confident that your strategic plan to improve the organization’s future can be executed.

    When leaders don’t believe that the people in their organizations can innovate, they usually blame their people, not their innovation systems, training, or tools. As a senior executive told me just six days ago in a meeting, “I just don’t think we have the people we need to be innovative. My people aren’t creative.”

    I responded with some simple questions:

    • Do you know how to innovate? Were you ever taught how to innovate?

    • Did you ever teach them how to innovate?

    • Have you given them the training and tools to innovate?

    • Do you have a documented innovation system—what to do, why to do it, how to do it?

    • Do they have a way to test and experiment with their ideas quickly and at a low cost?

    • Can they collaborate inside and outside the company with no stress or fear?

    • Do they have the time and resources to innovate?

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    LEARNING MINDSET: The Three Innovation Principles

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