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PROBLEM: Innovation is No Longer Optional


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Doug Hall

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    Chapter Excerpt

    It’s a Dickens of a Time

    Those organizations that are leading change in their industries are winning. Those that are “reacting” to the forces of change are losing.

    During a recent speech at the UK Marketing Society’s annual conference in London, I thought it would be funny to loosely recite Charles Dickens:

    It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness. It is the season of light, it is the season of darkness. We have everything before us, we have nothing before us. We are all going direct to heaven, we are all going direct the other way.

    A few laughed, but most didn’t. I would learn later that most saw it as confirmation that these days are indeed the worst of times.

    The life cycle from monopoly to commodity used to take decades. Today, because of the internet, it’s often measured in less than a year. The consequence is acceleration of Joseph Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction—organizations that don’t innovate are destroyed by those that have embraced a mindset of never-ending, continuous innovation.

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