Culture Assessment

By benchmarking your organization to others we can discover your biggest opportunities for improvement.

How It Works


Request an assessment for your team or organization. Our statistician will create an assessment for you and email you a link.


Share the link we provided with your team or organization. All of their responses are confidential.


Review the report and we will walk you through all the benchmarks and answer any questions.

When to Assess

Before Innovation Projects

Before ideation or brainstorming events. We always measure the team before trying to create ideas, so we optimize the process and be prepared for any cultural challenges during ideation or development. This is how the bulk of our assessment data was collected.


Starting Culture Change

When you both want to improve your success with innovation and have resources to act upon the results. Asking a team to respond to an innovation culture assessment is only useful if you plan on taking action about the results. If you are ready to improve your culture, then the assessment is the perfect first step.


If it has been over a year since your last assessment. Yearly assessments are useful to see both improvements and where you are slipping. Organizations who are using our system can leverage the assessment tool to measure their culture as much as they need. This allows them to track results over time and after big changes to the company structure or systems.

What It is

This is NOT a Measure of PEOPLE

This is a benchmark of your culture and systems for innovation

Culture Reality Check


Learn the perception of how the organization is doing on key metrics like life cycle, new sales, and leading in your industry.


Then address if perceptions match reality and how to improve them.

Innovation Agreement & Momentum


Benchmark your organization’s agreement, urgency and success with innovation against others.


Learn where organization with innovation cultures stand on the same questions..

Leverage Points & Challenges


From resources to respect for leadership, learn what you can leverage and what needs addressing. 


You don’t need to be the best in every metric to be successful. Learn where successful organizations have challenges too. 

Custom Culture Recommendations


Based on your goals and your data.


Get tangible next steps for both what and how to improve.

Since 1986 we've been fortunate to work with some of the world's best and brightest organizations in innovation.  Sure, we've invented thousands of ideas, but we also used each engagement as an living laboratory - doing R&D on what works and what doesn't.  Not what works in theory.  What works in the real-world...in high pressure situations...when the results of the session could mean a factory staying open, a company keeping it's doors open, an avoidance of layoffs.  In fact, thanks to that work we wrote a white paper that debunked a common myth - that fun is "fundamental" to innovation and creativty.  


Over the last 30 years, Eureka! Ranch – with a team of PhDs, CEOs, and innovation experts – has been on a quest to gather and analyze quantitative data on innovation systems. Our efforts are powered by the largest quantitative database on innovation system inputs and outputs in the world.

Data was gathered during real world projects with the best of the best: Walt Disney, Nike, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Schlumberger, Hewlett Packard, and hundreds of others whose names are not as familiar.

And every day the data continues to grow. It currently includes customer data and sales forecasts involving 20,000+ innovations, 100,000+ leaders, and over $17 billion worth of innovation projects in active development.  The result was the creation of Innovation Engineering, a new field of academic study and leadership science dedicated to enabling a culture of innovation  resulting in increased speed (up to 6X) and success rates (up to 10X).

Other ways to learn more…

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Greg talks about 5 ways to reduce risk and provides both an easy way to get started and a longer term systemic solution. 

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About Us

Since 1986, Eureka! Ranch has helped over 10,000 teams from companies like Nike, American Express, Disney, and countless others innovate. We have the largest database of employee perceptions and behavior tracking as it relates to innovation “on the front lines.” Best of all, we know what competencies and systems are necessary for innovation through our pioneering efforts to build an entirely new field of study, Innovation Engineering, that’s been vetted through academic peer review and torture-testing by some of the world’s most discriminating organizations.