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Trying to lead a business and stay competitive in ever changing marketplaces is difficult.

Most leaders set their strategies based on the current market and landscape. While knowing what the competition is doing today is important, it is even more valuable to know where they might be heading. 

That is what makes our approach to competitive analysis so different. In addition to learning what is happening now, we look for things that might happen and test those possibilities with customers to confirm opportunity areas that then inform your strategic decisions. 

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We meet you where you are in the process. Whether you have a current strategy and possible ideas for the future or starting completely from scratch. 

We focus on what you want to learn and keep you informed at ever turn until we have explored enough possibilities to have confidence in the best path forward.

Our approach focusing on

  • Learning More
  • Uncovering Truth and Problems
  • Future Focus on Solutions

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What We Can Do For You

Without bias, we take an honest look at the market to find real differences that matter to customers. We use competitor’s IP to spark ideas for where they might be headed. We create ideas that represent both current features and possible future trends. We test ideas to learn where you can win against what the competition is currently doing and what they might be doing in the future.  

Market Competitors

Identify the competitors and offerings

Intellectual Property

Explore competitor’s patents and trademarks 

Potential Ideas

Create ideas for exploration areas 

Learning Cycles

Research to test ideas and learn more

From Our CEO

Make Your Own Opportunities

It is easy to full into the trap of following what others have already proven to be successful. In fact companies on average focus twice as much on following than they do on leading their industries with unique offerings or processes.  While to be successful we need to completely flip that strategy to be focusing on leading twice as much as following. 

It starts with leadership. Leaders who set innovation as a priority and give their teams a clear objective and constraints. But to make an informed decision on strategy we have to learn what we don’t know, explore what could be and be bold with our decisions. 

It is not easy, but we have a history of success and experience enabling innovation at all types or organizations and can help you too.  


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If hiring us is outside your budget, considering learning how to do it yourself with one of our innovation training courses.

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