Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd.
August 13, 2021

CINCINNATI, OH, August 13, 2021 — Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd. (ERI) recently released a white paper entitled, One of the Best Places to Work: InnovationBest Places to Work

Success, Strategy, and Systems for a Better Place to Work.

With an increasing interest in company culture and employee retainment, Greg Lemmon, Eureka! Ranch lead statistician set out to determine which innovation factors correlate with being one of the best places to work.

The paper explores the psychological environment within a company as it relates to how they rate the company as a place to work. We interviewed 122 companies about the characteristics of their company based on theories of innovation & creativity. The strongest positive correlation of responses to a question about being one of the best places to work is talents being used well followed by quality of work and respect for leadership. The strongest negative correlations were declining on the business life cycle curve and innovation strategy of preferring to follow others when approaching new ideas.

Notes to Editor:

Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd. is led by CEO, Maggie Nichols, and a strong cadre of innovators, engineers, educators, and programmers, with founder, Doug Hall, remaining actively engaged as CIO and on special projects.  We help organizations in 3 ways: 1) building their innovation pipeline, 2) improving their innovation process, and 3) training their people to think more innovatively.  For over 35 years the Ranch team has worked with large multinationals, non-profits, and small and mid-size companies around the globe to help them think & act smarter, faster & more innovatively.

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